A Happy Wedding

My Grandparents

      The hopes of young people are to have a happy marriage, but when I got engaged, I realized I also wanted a happy wedding. I wanted a pretty dress, and beautiful love songs, pretty flowers, and good pictures, but most of all, I wanted our wedding to be a happy wedding. My advice is to not focus on designer weddings, perfect dresses, or other's opinions. As you make decisions, keep close to your heart those things that matter most to you.

1. Your spouse (to be)
       You have opinions. Your fiancé has opinions. It is more important to learn respect, communication, and cooperation than to have your own way. When the day is over, the words you said and attitudes you displayed will linger a lot longer that the satisfaction that you got the groom and groomsmen to wear a pink shirt and suspenders. (Unless, of course, they wanted to wear a pink shirt and suspenders, in which case I want to see your wedding pictures, because that sounds kind of cute!)

2. Your family
       Your family loved you long before your knight in shining armor showed up. You know them, too. You know what makes them happy and what makes them feel loved. I felt like this was my opportunity to try to show them that even as I was leaving them and joining my life to my husband-to-be, I still cared for them. Whether it's a special night out, or a special part in the Big Day, you can let them know how important they are to you.

3. Your convictions
       It's the most important day in your life. It is going to be your "best day ever." Why ruin that memory with regrets because you gave into peer pressure, or you wanted to be a little more like the fashionable weddings everywhere on Pintrest and magazines? Whether it's modesty, stewardship, or simplicity, the God-given convictions you have do not disappear on your wedding day. Remember that you want God's blessing on your marriage, and now is not the time to let go of convictions. Personally, I also wanted to be reminded of the correlation between God and His Church and a pure marriage. I reminded myself of verses such as "as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee," "they twain shall be one flesh," "For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church," and the quote from a song, "Church of God, thou spotless virgin." It's such a beautiful thought to think of God desiring me and loving me so much. Even more than I wanted to be a beautiful bride to my husband, I want my God to be pleased with me.

4. Your stewardship (while we're talking about it...)
       Weddings are expensive. I saw an article about how to have a cheap wedding and I was amazed at what people considered a cheap wedding. If I judged our wedding off of the standards I saw everywhere on the Internet, we had a cheap cheap wedding. The truth is, no matter how much other people spend on their wedding, I know deep down that I could have been a lot more thrifty and still had the happy wedding I wanted.

5. Your sanity
       Is it worth it? Don't let the little things stress you. Let things go. I was blessed with a beautiful wedding day, but I could still choose to focus on little disappointments if I wanted to. The sky was too bright in my pictures, or some decorations were missing from the guest book table. If I had chosen to, I could have focused on all those little trifles on the morning of my wedding. What was more important to me was that my husband to be was there waiting for me, that friends and family were there to celebrate, and that God had kept us, had led us together, and today we were going to be married, a union ordained and designed of God.
     I know there are huge catastrophes at some weddings, and sometimes when it seems like nothing else could go wrong, the worst happens. However, we can save a lot of our sanity by simply being a little more simple. The best way to keep an ice swan sculpture from melting during the reception is to not have an ice swan sculpture.

6. Your guests
       It's easy to blame all extravagances in the name of pleasing the guests, but it's an excuse that doesn't really hold up. I learned that instead of trying to make a good impression, it was more important to make good memories. Instead of showing off, show that you care.

       I realized now, even more, how overdone weddings are in our popular culture, and how much we are effected by that, even without realizing it. Even the simplest things can grab us and lead us to disappointment. Personally, I did have a Pintrest wedding board, and I pinned a lot of ideas to keep it organized. I remember a particular sweet, romantic idea of writing letters to one another and exchanging them on the morning of the wedding, or night before, or something like that. What's wrong with that? Nothing, unless I start to measure my husband and our relationship to other people. My husband didn't write me a letter for me to read the night before our wedding, but when I stopped looking at other relationships, and look at ours, I realized that he didn't have to, and if he had, it would not have been as romantic as it sounded. The truth was that he showed me how much he loved me, and his love is more real than a romance novel or Pintrest idea. That is a simple and somewhat harmless example, but there are many many traditions and new ideas out there that can steal your focus and your happiness on your wedding day.  I even found that I was encouraged somewhat by a subconscious pressure to live up to expectations to friends and family (who had no ill intentions). In the end, it didn't matter if everyone liked my theme or my colors, or even my wedding dress.

What mattered is that my fiancé knew/knows I love and respect him.
That my family felt loved and cared for.
That I stayed true to my convictions.
That God remained the center of our relationship.
That I didn't give into excess that I would latter regret.
That I didn't stress out over things of no importance.
And that our guests had a good experience.



Inspiration From Nature

Keep on Flowing

Though a rock may be before you, like the river, you can still find a way. A beautiful way.

The Wild Blossoms

You may not know what they are, the world may not value them, but to you, they are beautiful. What are they?

Sky on Earth

Why is the water blue?
Water, as a great looking glass, is reflecting the beautiful sky.
What are you reflecting?



Love is Love


The most weighty elementary playground bribe: "I'll be you best friend forever!"

Friends are friends,
Love is love,
When each give to the other,
And demand no return.

I want to let my relationships grow, and not hinder them with selfishness.



All Things Work Together

Neosho, Mo

Gen. Del.

Nov. 2, 1943

Dear Carrie,

  Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ our blessed Lord.

  This finds me still save sanctified and determined to go all the way with the good Lord. I can say like David he will be our guide even untill death or for ever.

  I felt some better this morning after a long night's sleep, but I think I would hardly be able to make it at work wo I am staying in to day.

  I called to Mr. Westior's office yesterday evening but he was done gone home although he left a little information at his office. The lady that answered the phone said that he fail to be able to call out to the farm where he entended to. But he left word there for me to call him a gain this morning. So I did. I called to his house this morning and talked with his wife. He said for me to meet him this mornin as he went to work I tole her that I was hardle able to work this morning then she said that he said for me to call him when I did get able. So by that I supose he must have somthing in mind for me to do. I really hope I can get a job without leaving Neosho.

  Well Carrie I know it seems like that you and I have quite a few tests (or should I say wonder whys) in our being to gether. But as the scripture says "all things work to gether for good to them that love God and to them who are called according to his purpose."

  Carrie I sure did appreciate those kind words that you spoke to me yesterday while I was out at your house and on our way to Neosho. I mean about what you said concerning me being sick. I wish I could return the favor. I hope you all didn't have any more car trouble.

Carrie I am sure you don't know how thankful I am that I got to meet you and to go with you and above all I am thankful for the hopes of our future.

  I am glad that the good Lord thinks enough of us weak creatures to lead us a long the way of life. I am sure that when the Lord leads all will be well

  I think it is a wonderful and gracious thing to have God lead us through life. He can help us to be a blessing where with out him life would be a failure. I knew that every good thing that we are able to do is done by his help or his power. So seeing this is true helps us to be able to say like the song, all I am or hope to be I commit dear Lord to thee. We say this because we love him. I hope it is where I can go to prayer meeting Thur. night as I always enjoy meting in the house of God to learn more about him. I will also be glad to see Miss Wyatt there. I enjoy your lovely presense.

  It will sure be good and suit me very much if I get a job where I can continue to go to prayer meeting. I don't see why it wouldn't be the Lord's will for me to have a job that I could do so. Although I don't know just what Mr.Westion has in mind by him being ready for me to go to work before he called out to the farm. So I will be hoping that God will work things out so I can go to prayer meeting.

  Well I guess I will say good bye to that sweetheart of mine (Carrie Wyatt.)

  May God ever bless you and I both and help us to be a blessing in my sincere prayer.

Pray for me love


Please excuse this short letter.

You Will Find Out I Am Tricky

Neosho, Mo

Oct. 29, 1943

My dear Mac,

  Thought I would drop you a few lines and leave it with your things. Grandma and I intend to got to town right afternoon, and we thought we would take your things and leave them at the house where you stay. I suppose you will be at work, so I don’t guess I’ll get to see you.

Well I’m glad this morning that we can always have bright hopes in the Lord. Our surroundings may appear dark sometimes, but we can still have sunshine from heaven in our souls. I’m glad for salvation. It is something that never becomes old or tiresome to us. Instead of that, we only learn to appreciate the Lord more and more as the days go by. I believe that is one reason the Lord permits things to happen sometimes that are unpleasant to us, and also lets us to get in places so that we can’t see our way out. For that causes us to trust Him more fully when we see we are too weak in our own strength. And when we see it is impossible for us to make the way clear ourselves, then when the Lord steps in and opens up ways for us, then we really know how to appreciate Him better than before.

  I thought last night during prayer meeting, when Sis. Dean and Sis. Reese testified and told about being alone all the time, and how they would sit and think. I thought that it is just the opposite with me. It is so hard for me to find a quiet hour, so I can think and meditate. I would be glad if I could share part of their quiet hours, for I love to be alone part of the time. But I’m not complaining at my lot in life. Perhaps since I don’t very often get the opportunity of being alone, maybe that helps to cause me to be more earnest in seeking the Lord, and to learn of Him.

We both must have been almost of the same mind last night in prayer meeting. As you said I had your testimony.

  —Well I will now try to finish this. It is after mail time now , and we are about ready to start to town. Your mail cam that we were expecting. I didn’t take the package undone, but the end of the box was torn, so I could see the suit. It is a little darker color than I thought it would be, but it is pretty, I think.

  Anyhow it looks better than I dreamed it did. I thought about taking it along today and leaving it with your other things. But I didn’t know whether to or not. So I just decided to let you wait, as you planned to come tomorrow evening. — I thought it would be a good excuse for you to come.

(Now I know you will find out I am tricky) ha. But really I’ll be glad to see you come.

It seems that the times we get to be together are so short. But yet those times are very precious, as I always enjoy your presence. Those talks we have about the Lord seems to bring heaven nearer. And also binds our hearts closer together.

  Well I could write more, but I don’t have time. I hope we can get to talk more. —I wonder sometimes when we would ever get through talking if we were not disturbed. There is always something new to tell about our experiences with the Lord. And I think it is helpful to each other to tell the things we learn. And I’ve learned some things the last few days that I needed. It took some fire to consume the dross, but I sure wouldn’t exchange the gold that I got in the furnace flame for anything.

  Well maybe I’ll get to see you tomorrow eve., if the Lord wills.

  I know I can’t write anything that would bring as much cheer to your heart as your good letter brought to me that I got a few days ago. But anyhow I thought I would drop you a few lines and leave it with your things, and you can at least know that I’m thinking about you.

  I must hurry now, and say goodbye to the one who is dear to me.

Yours, with Love,