To be honest,
This has been a tough week.
We all pass through swollen rivers
At some time in our journey.
What do you do when you feel
The force of such a flood?
I say, praise God.
He deserves our praise
At every time,
In every situation,
And in every emotion.

So, to take my own advice,
I think I'll start praising him.

His ways are always perfect,
And I think him
And praise him
For his righteous judgments.

He leads me like a shepherd,
And I do not fear,
Because he has proved faithful,
And loving to me.

His mercy is everlasting!
He sees me in my weakness,
And loves me,
And in his strength,
I can rise above.

I praise him for his,
Abounding, unconditional love.
I feel it so strong in my heart,
And it is perfect in every situation.

He is great and mighty,
Yet, in love, he came to earth,
To live and die here,
That we might live forever
With him.

His greatness is unsearchable.
A human could not imagine
The height and the width
and the breadth thereof.

I thank him to the Bible,
His holy word,
That he gave us to
His little children.

I thank him for the days
Of cheer and happiness.
So many little blessings
Just because he love us.

I thank him for each day
Overshadowed with discouragement.
A time of strengthening
Just because he loves us.

I thank him
And praise him
For the life he gave me.
It is perfect.

All he does is perfect.

Bless his Holy name.


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