Rainbow Field Action

I am trying to learn Photoshop...It's going slowly, but progress is progress.  Yesterday I was so excited because I created my very own action!  I'm so excited that I decided to share it with you Photoshop-people (do I have any out there?) So here it is, along with a few samples.  The only problem is that the rainbow may be too dark depending on the photo you apply it to, so I would suggest adjusting the opacity of that layer (the very top layer) if you need to.  Oh, and on portrait oriented photos, the rainbow will have to be moved back into the picture.



20 Things I Learned in College

Today, I take the exit exam for graduation.  That diploma is approaching quickly.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity I have had to go to school, and I feel like it has helped me grow a lot artistically.  I have learned a lot during two years of lectures, tests, and studio.  I hope the important stuff is tucked nicely away somewhere that I’ll never forget.

1.       Wasting time=stress later
2.       If you have any life whatsoever, do not expect weekends to be a “homework catch-up” time.
3.       You’ll learn only as much as you want to learn.
4.       Your instructor is very knowledgeable in his/her field.  Mine them.
5.       When an instructor is talking to you and you don’t like what they are saying, don’t try to correct them, defend yourself, make excuses, or say “I know”.  Close your mouth and nod your head.  Respectfully.
6.       Do not talk disrespectfully about your instructors.
7.       Bad days happen.
8.       Friendliness goes a long ways.
9.       Time management is a life-saver. (still learning this one)
10.   Being on time to class, and caring (or at least acting like it) gives you an advantage.  Professors appreciate effort.
11.   Usually everything works out some way, and situations never end up as bad as I envisioned.
12.   (art student specifically)  Responding to a compliment to you work with a “I don’t like it” or “it’s awful!” is awkward.  A simple “thank you” is the best way.  A constructive critique is sometimes acceptable as well.
13.   (art student specifically) Don’t tell someone that they are “way better” than you.  That is also awkward.  Please, please, please, do not tell someone that they are “showing everyone else up”, especially if “everyone else” can hear.
14.   (art student specifically) There is always that “ugly teenage” stage in making art.  Don’t get self-conscious during that time—it will only hinder you.  Instead, focus even harder on what it will be.
15.   People will judge you, but don’t let it get to you.  Stay focused on what really matters: the heart.
16.   Other people have bad days too.
17.   People are weird.  So are you.  But no one is weirder than that guy that always…never mind.
18.   First impressions: it’s what I love about the first week of classes.
19.   People are generally very helpful.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions
20.   Humor is a good habit.  Get used to laughing at yourself.



Seeking More Direction

Guthrie Okla.
920W.Mansor Ave.
Sept. 7, 1943
Dear Carrie,
          With much pleasure and gladness I received your very welcomed and inspiring letter this evening.  We get mail twice each day.  (except Sun) I thought I might receive a letter from you in the morning mail, but I didn’t.  So that left me expecting stronger than ever one this evening.  I am glad my expectations weren’t in vain.
         Truly your letters are lots different from any I ever received from any other girl.  They are very helpful and encouraging to me.  One main way they are different, in that they seem to me written by one who is hid behind the cross, and by one who is letting Christ himself do the writing.  I also want to do the same.
         You know it is very easy for boys and girls to let self get in the way when they are writing to each other .  But I trust we won’t do that.  For there is much more peace, joy, and contentment when we let Christ lead in all things.
          I will tell you another main reason why your letters are so much different and that is be cause you are different from any other girl.  You letters reads just like your actions, which are very pleasant to me.
          I am still saved and happy in the Good Lord.  Truly I get much joy and satisfaction in serving God.  His holy will and ways are more precious to me each day of my life.  I know I can never thank him enough for all the blessings of life, especially salvation.  I am thankful that he saved my soul in my youth so that I can spend my life in his service.  I want to be all he would have me to be.
          I had ten thousand times rather spend my life living and working for God as to live in sin.  Even though I could have riches abundantly I had still rather have peace with God.  Truly all earthly riches are not to be compared of the fact of knowing God, which means the same as having God, and having Christ living and reigning in our souls.  Paul said he “counted all things but as loss so that he might win Christ.”
          I am glad that you had a nice time with your Mother and sister.  Yes I am sure you and your sister are pretty close Pals.  It reminds me of my brother (just older than I am) and myself.  We use to be pretty close pals, and are yet.  But I am sure it would be much better if he was saved which I hope to see him be some day.
          Yes Carrie I too think that people should be interested in the same thing before they took upon them selves of spending their life to gether.  I also think that we can tell more about things after that we are to gether a gain.
          I am sure thankful that you gave me a welcome to come up there.  I am sure I will enjoy seeing you a gain and talking with you.
          I don’t know just as yet when I will bet to com, but I probably won’t be so long.  I will try to let you know when I am coming.
          I am still working here in the Printing shop.  I don’t know how much longer I will be here.  I will Probably leave before the first of Oct. as Bro. Merrel W. from La. Will likely be here before the fist of next month.  He is planning on working here then.
         Carrie I am glad that you enjoyed having Bro. Strech Preach. ( I am sure I would too, but never have.)  I am also glad that you enjoy teaching the Junior Sun. School class.  I am sure you are a good teacher.
         Carrie I think we had a good teacher up at Langdon Mo.  If there was trouble it was probably because we had a hard lesson, and not be cause we didn’t have a good teacher.
         Well Carrie I am glad (very glad) to know that you care more about me than just a friend.  Although I am also sure it is best to leave our love some-what in the back-ground until we find out the will of the Lord on some other things.  Not that I don’t think that the Lord is still in our court-ship.  But that it would probably be easier for us to know the will of the Lord on other things.
          I still believe (even stronger than ever) that the Lord has led us in all of our steps that we have taken.  I felt that way even before I asked you about writing to you.  Although as I said before I don’t want to bind my feelings on you.  For I know God can make us both feel clear to take the steps that he wants us to take.
          It was real cool here last night and this morning.  It reminded me of the weather we had up at Langdon, Mo.  While I was reminded of that I was also reminded of that dear girl (Carrie) that I was with a few hours which I enjoyed so much.
          I can say that I feel sure that I would enjoy being with you again.  (even more than before)
          I am praying that God will continue to talk to both of us and reveal his will more and more on his leadings for us.
          I will tell you this, and that is that I really feel like I need some more sure leadings for my self concerning just exactly what God would have me do, before we were to marry.
          When I was back home (in Ala.) the Lord seems to make it plain to me that he wanted me to come back out there to work for him, Both spiritually and temporally.  My job that I had then was in a cotton-mill five days per week.  I had Sat. and Sun. off to do what ever God wanted to do.
          It also seemed to be plain that it was God’s will for me to marry and have a home there in B’ham, Ala. As I felt burden for the work of the Lord there, and had hopes of God raising a congregation up there.  You see I was looking forward for God to send some more saint Ministers in there to work for him.  There isn’t any saints there, so I thought if I had a home there I would have a chance to work for God in doing what ever and all he led me to do and it would also give other Ministers a chance to come in there and work as the Lord led them.
I was writing to Ida May Smith then , and naturally I just felt pretty sure that she would be the one that the Lord would give me.  Although I found out different when we got to gether a gain.
All of this seems very plain and real before I left Ala.  I believed it was God’s will with out a doubt.  I still earnestly believe that God will lead and is leading that way, but here is what I have been trying to get to.  And that is (even though those leadings seemed very plain and from God that I want a refreshed leading concerning the matter Before I go (Lord willing.)
This has been quite a trial of faith with me, But I guess the Lord knows best.  What I mean is how that he made it so plain that he wanted me out there and then he took me up and set me down out here and let me stay here until now with out telling me just when he would send me back.  But I am still trusting in God with all my heart and believing that he will work all things out for our good and his glory.  I have often reminded the Lord of how he witnessed to me about going out there.
It would seem good to me (a blessing that I am unworthy of) that the Lord would give you for my wife and companion to go out there and work for him.  Truly I would feel greatly blessed.
I will continue to pray for God to lead us in every step that he would have us take.
If you can’t get some new pictures made pretty early, you may send me one of the ones that you already have and then feel assured that I will appreciate it very much.
Well I had better say goodnight and good by for this time as it is after one o’clock A.M.
T.V. McMillian


Weekend Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Glenn Carpenter!

The men gathered around the tractor.  (I'm pretty sure they're not just admiring the sign)

 She threw a break-away bouquet, and my sister and I caught one of the four.  I caught it with my left hand, while trying to take pictures with my right.

She wrote one of her favorite promises on a ribbon of each bouquet.

I went with some friends to a farm where one of my friends feeds the animals.  It was all so peaceful and beautiful!

I enjoyed watching the peacocks, but I wasn't able to get many good pictures of them.

My first time eating crawfish!

I would have stopped at my second if my sister wouldn't have offers to peel some for me.  

I wore my little un-athletic self out playing soccor with these awesome people.  I love family!

This is my little cousin that helped me discover all the pinecones in the yard with a “There’s another one!” and taught me to go “uuuuup!” and “dooooown!” hills.  

I enjoyed running around with him.

When we got up the next morning to leave, I was excited to see all the fog.  I love it!

On the way home, we dove by this, and they let me get out and take some pictures.
I liked the design on the fence and how old it looked. 

My biggest disappointment this trip was that the majority of my pictures turned out bad, and only after I was in the car and headed back home did I think to check the exposure setting.  High exposure is the worst!  Yuck.  Oh well.  Lesson learned.  I wish I was a more talented photographer, because I love capturing the beautiful things and the sentimental things in life.  

Like the little girl who was very aware of her full, pretty dress and loved to twirl and swish it.

And the little boy, quiet and observant.



Thoughts on Creation

     I find such pleasure in observing the world around me. I watch the changes of God’s wonderful creation.  The sun sets and rises; the earth circles round the sun; and the moon around the earth—what beautiful variations the movements bring! He did so much to make us happy, gave us everything we would need, and made it to fit us so perfectly. I wouldn’t change it if I could.

     Is it possible to even imagine a better texture for the expanse of sky above us. Perhaps a rougher appearance would suite it better than the gradients of color and soft accents and billowing contours of cloud. I think not! It is so perfect—a perfection that only God could create.

     The Oceans are majestic, but suppose a designer decided that it would be more pleasing to the eye—more awe-inspiring—if the waves were more opaque and did not catch and reflect the light as it does. What a sad change that would be to have the earth full of such dull masses!

     What of the flower—that flimsy creation! It should be a bit sturdier so that thousands of treading feet could not crush its beauty. In the sands of the dessert, so many colors are not needed. It would be more unified if each grain were the exact same hue. Now take the butterfly and get rid of it’s boring symmetry.

     While we are doing so well at changing the view, why not try our hand at changing the world too. Change the way we interact. Change the things we care about. Change what’s right, and change what’s wrong. Change the path that leads to Christ. Change what’s love, and change what’s hate. Change the laws of common kindness. Change the hard times—just get rid of those altogether. Don’t you think if we were God, this world would be so much better? I shudder, and I cringe. Never could a man make something as beautiful as God’s church, and his creations.