Life in Seasons

I saw a small footprint in the mud and was reminded that little children make a big mark on this world.

I saw a fort built of snow and plywood and was reminded that adults pass traditions down to the young.

I saw an elderly lady wishing to go out in the cold and was reminded that footprints fade, and snow-forts melt.

I saw a tiny flower and was reminded that all goes on.



Armed to Face Another

Sometimes our tools are different. One time I used a spatula to fight my fears; this time I armed myself with my camera, a pen and notepad. I faced them. If I likened this experience to the pancake experience, I would say that maybe I burned a few pancakes a little, but I kept on flipping them.
It was my first assignment to cover an event for the small-town newspaper I work for. An hour before the event started, I began to realize that I was nervous. I knew I could fake some amount of confidence and step out of my comfort zone. That wouldn't be too hard for me. Friendliness and goodwill I wouldn't have to fake, though. I'm always glad I have that on my side. Some may not say it gives much of an advantage, but I feel a smile and a little openness can go a long way for me. It's more for me than anyone else. A good attitude benefits us, as James Franklin, MU quarterback and tonight's guest speaker, said tonight. "Never underestimate the value of attitude", Franklin said, "It is a choice."
So, with a smile, a pen, and a camera, I stepped in and did my best.
Then I think of all the support I had. "You have this whooped," my boyfriend encouraged me. "How did it go?" my sister and mom asked, and I knew they cared. "You'll do great," my boss said. And as always, I had the confidence and assurance that God gives his children. I am so blessed.



I Like You

I like the wind, I like the rain.
I like the song that nature sings.
I like the power of anticipation.
I like joy it brings.
I like the laughter shared with a friend,
And the memories we make together.
I like the dreams of fair weather and spring.
I like the power of prayer.
I like the sound of us all in the kitchen.
I like the meal of venison.
I like the bond of family here.
I like the encouragement of friends.
I like the fellowship I feel around me,
When I go to God's house of prayer.
I like the hopes and dreams of life.
I like the knowledge hard times teach.
I like the feeling when fears and worries,
Loose their weight and bitterness.
I like the way life seems to flow
(If in the direction God wills it to go).
I like the knowledge that He's in control,
If I just look unto him.
I love the Church, I love her Head.
I love the plan He laid.
I love the love that He gave.