The Love Letters

     After my great grandparents died in 2011, my grandma (their daughter) showed the family the collection of love letters they had written to each other.  As we quickly read over a few, we were all impressed with how much they were focused on God and his will for their lives.  Months later, these letters came back to mind, and I thought it would be nice to have them all digital-ized (scanned and typed).  I told my grandma about my idea,and she was more than willing to bring them to me.  When she came to our house for Thanksgiving, she brought me the two little collects of hand-written 1940's letters.  I began the process of scanning and typing and posting them on this blog.  As I read their correspondences, I appreciate their sincere love for God and each other.  I hope they may be a blessing to others as well.  (most of the time I will refer to them as just my grandparents, and not great grandparents)


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