Sprinkles (2)

While in CherryBerry (a yummy frozen yogurt place), I witnessed a humorous little episode that made an impression on me.  A father was treating his young son to a cup of frozen yogurt, and I overheard him ask, “what do you want on it?  Brownie bites?  M&Ms?...”  “I want sprinkles!” the little boy said excitedly.  *silence from the dad*, then: “Here’s some sprinkles.  Do you want these M&M sprinkles?”  Obviously, the dad wanted to get his money’s worth, while the little boy could only see the colorful sprinkles he always liked to put on ice cream and cupcakes.

Pardon me while I extend the analogy from a previous post on sprinkles.

How many times do we ask God for happiness?  Why wouldn’t we want to be happy?  I will step out on a limb and say that most everybody in the world is searching for happiness.  It is common—just as common as sprinkles.

So, God has this frozen yogurt place, and he has lots of wonderful things there: contentment, peace, joy, love, longsuffering, temperance, kindness, meekness, assurance, etc.  Pause a moment and envision all the things he has waiting for you.  Now, with that mental image before you say, “I just want happiness.”

Jesus already paid the bill.  He died on the cross so that we can have all the blessings of a Holy life lived for him.  He understands our human desire for happiness, but his deepest desire is that we would take full advantage of the blessings his death made available for us.  As a personal challenge, I desire to focus less on “sprinkles” and ask for another spoonful of the “goodies” God has promised his children.



God Gave a Song

"The Unchanging Word"

When the earth shall cease to be,
And the heavens pass away,
The unchanging word of God we’ll see
Just as it is today.

On the word of God I calmly rest,
With a sweet assurance in my breast;
For I know it is His holy will,
Each promise to fulfill.

Since the morn when time began,
Hath His word ceased to prevail?
Is the God of heaven weak as man?
Or can His promise fail?

Hath a mortal yet been found
Who hath trusted Him in vain?
Search the whole broad
space of earth around,
And search it once again.

On the word of God I calmly rest,
With a sweet assurance in my breast;
For I know it is His holy will,
Each promise to fulfill.

Trusting Him I’m not afraid,
For He careth still for me;
And for me the promise
sure was made
And sealed on Calvary.

Oh, what peace and calm content!
Oh, what love and joy divine,
While I trust Thy changeless word,
are blent
Within this heart of mine.

On the word of God I calmly rest,
With a sweet assurance in my breast;
For I know it is His holy will,
Each promise to fulfill.
(C. W. Naylor)




Hello winter.  It's okay to just be you.  You don't have to try to look like spring.

Hello little sparrow sculpture.  I hope I make you just right.

Hello future.  I would love to get to know you.

Hello clay.  I miss you.

Hello uncontrolled hair.  Must I resort to a headband discipline?

Hello wind.  You are not helping.

Hello little dog.  I hope you don’t make a habit of chasing cars.

Hello internet.  You are many times a help and many times a hindrances.

Hello good little book (Hinds Feet on High Places).  I have already learned so much from your pages.

Hello sky.  I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re pretty.



3-D Photography

Can you see it 3-D?

Cross your eyes until you see three images.  The middle image should appear three-dimensional!
To take these pictures, I picked an area that had multiple grounds (the lamp, the desk, and the background).  I put my camera on a flat surface and took one picture, and then I slid it over maybe three inches to take the other picture.  (my flat surface had lines on it to help me keep it at the same angle and distance and only change the horizontal position.)
Our eyes naturally do this with everything (unless you only have one eye).  Each eye has a slightly different perspective, and when the brain puts both pictures together, it give a since of depth.  Cool, huh?



Today is Valentine's Day!

And a Valentine sculpture:
This is soapstone.  This picture shows how the wax really brings out the color of the stone.

This sculpture is of two joined hands, but it is biomorphic in style.  It represents my views of relationships and the gender roles.

Happy Valentine's Day!