The Heart

  I began this blog as a Sophomore in college, where for two years I enjoyed the exploration and skill development of art and design.  I wanted a place that I could share my thoughts and art.  Until I started the Wellbeloved blog, most of my writings remained in my journal.  Hopefully, by sharing them, someone else has been encouraged or challenged to pursue true happiness in Christ's salvation.  The word I used as my title (Wellbeloved--pronounced poetically as wel-bi-luhv-id) is taken from the fifth chapter of Isaiah. If you read that chapter, it might sound like a strange passage on which to base a blog, so I will explain myself. When I read it, the story of the Wellbeloved and His vineyard revealed to me the relationship God desires to have with everyone. I believe these verses are a reminder of how God wants us to look on life.  My first post, "His Pleasant Plant," is based on the meditations from that passage.
  Since I have posted on a variety of topics, the purpose of this page is to centralize articles based on my faith.


Other lables: Trust, encouragement, prayer

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