My Problem

I have this problem.
There's this guy I love.

I told him I would marry him...and move to this gorgeous place.
That happens to be far away.

So now I miss him.
Because I am here, and he is there.



Hello Summer

Hello welcomed rain.
Hello cool, bubbling brook.
Hello grazing cows.
Hello sunshine.
Hello singing locusts.
Hello full-moon nights.
Hello late night talks with my love.
Hello little girl hugs.
Hello evening walks with old friends.
Hello blue and yellow wild flowers.
Hello lazy summer days.



Love, love love

I love, love, love West Virginia. My trip last year was wonderful, but you can hardly get any better than this year.

Maybe you can guess why...

Furthermore, we ended the trip by going to my cousin's wedding in Alabama.

I was so excited for her! You would have thought it was me walking down the aisle, by how jittery I was! Soon...soon. :)

Congratulations Steven and Ashley!


The Color of Memories

I'm just wondering.
How does our mind remember color?
Can you remember right now the color of fall?
What about a special memory. Do you have a color associated with that?

My fiancé and I love going to the park together. I was looking through some pictures, remembering the awesome times we've had together when I discovered a picture I had taken of some blossoms. On a whim, I decided to give it a second chance (it wasn't a terrible picture, but it wasn't beautiful).


I love color! Nature's natural color is the best!



Happy Photoshop Bride-to-be

So. This is what is feels like to abandon a blog.
I have good reason though, I'm using my spare time on the computer to do wedding planning.
The day is less than 5 months away,
And I am getting excited.

I want to share some not-so-weddingy wedding stuff.
I've been designing my invitation,
And in the mean time have created some effects I'm pretty happy with.
I wanted painted-looking roses for my invitation, didn't want to paint all of them by hand, so I came up with a way to do it on Ps.
Then, I wanted a sketch or stamped look,
So I opened Ps again, and soon came up with what I wanted.

I started with some rose pictures I had taken at the Portland Rose Garden. 

Painted look...

Sketched look :)

Well, better go!




Life and love are precious.
Saying I love you is important.
Someday, you will tell someone you love,
I love you
For the last time.
On that day,
Their last
I love you
Will mean the world to you.
We don't know when.
Some people don't love.
They kill.
And those who love
Will hurt
And fear
And reach out in love to those
Who hurt.

But Love—
Love is Strong.


Of Guilt and Inspiration

It's spring, and I'm feeling it.
There are so many little flowers blooming,
and it's inspiring me to tame more pictures.
I have to admit, though I take my camera practically everywhere,
I've been lacking a little on creativity.
So a little prick of guilt,
And a little taste of success,
And some spring fever mixed in there,
I'm more inspired.

I used a rain overlay from Carrie at "Captured by Carrie", and an action from The Coffee Shop Blog

I almost blamed it on winter.
You know, it being all bare and boring out there.
But, there's no excuse,
Because I can always find a still-life to shoot.

So, hopefully I'll be going through more pictures and keep myself motivated.



Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Okay, so I had a little fun with some sparkle brushes,
but isn't there something magical about
spring and love?



Life in Seasons

I saw a small footprint in the mud and was reminded that little children make a big mark on this world.

I saw a fort built of snow and plywood and was reminded that adults pass traditions down to the young.

I saw an elderly lady wishing to go out in the cold and was reminded that footprints fade, and snow-forts melt.

I saw a tiny flower and was reminded that all goes on.



Armed to Face Another

Sometimes our tools are different. One time I used a spatula to fight my fears; this time I armed myself with my camera, a pen and notepad. I faced them. If I likened this experience to the pancake experience, I would say that maybe I burned a few pancakes a little, but I kept on flipping them.
It was my first assignment to cover an event for the small-town newspaper I work for. An hour before the event started, I began to realize that I was nervous. I knew I could fake some amount of confidence and step out of my comfort zone. That wouldn't be too hard for me. Friendliness and goodwill I wouldn't have to fake, though. I'm always glad I have that on my side. Some may not say it gives much of an advantage, but I feel a smile and a little openness can go a long way for me. It's more for me than anyone else. A good attitude benefits us, as James Franklin, MU quarterback and tonight's guest speaker, said tonight. "Never underestimate the value of attitude", Franklin said, "It is a choice."
So, with a smile, a pen, and a camera, I stepped in and did my best.
Then I think of all the support I had. "You have this whooped," my boyfriend encouraged me. "How did it go?" my sister and mom asked, and I knew they cared. "You'll do great," my boss said. And as always, I had the confidence and assurance that God gives his children. I am so blessed.



I Like You

I like the wind, I like the rain.
I like the song that nature sings.
I like the power of anticipation.
I like joy it brings.
I like the laughter shared with a friend,
And the memories we make together.
I like the dreams of fair weather and spring.
I like the power of prayer.
I like the sound of us all in the kitchen.
I like the meal of venison.
I like the bond of family here.
I like the encouragement of friends.
I like the fellowship I feel around me,
When I go to God's house of prayer.
I like the hopes and dreams of life.
I like the knowledge hard times teach.
I like the feeling when fears and worries,
Loose their weight and bitterness.
I like the way life seems to flow
(If in the direction God wills it to go).
I like the knowledge that He's in control,
If I just look unto him.
I love the Church, I love her Head.
I love the plan He laid.
I love the love that He gave.




I just have a simple, yet powerful message from the Bible today. Isaiah 32:17.


If you are looking for any of these, look no further. The Bible has all the answers.



Do You See Beauty?

Do you see beauty in the small things?
The hard things?
The uncomfortable things?

Water drops are small,
And frozen hard.
The limbs creak and bend
Under the unwanted weight.

But the sun still shines.
Can we see the beauty in it?

Each frozen water drop
Reflects a small image
Of the sun that warms the Earth.



Looking for Perfection

Any pretty road has hills and curves.
(in my opinion)

Our life may also have
high points and low points
or a curve we can't see around.

Thank God for such a beautiful life.
Walk it with your hand in His.
And know that His way is perfect.



Staying up past 1 a.m. to re-design my blog?




Hello everyone. Remember that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."

Hello Friday. It's such a comfort that you arrive just on time every week.

Hello sunshine. I enjoyed your warmth today.

Hello telephone. I never knew you would be such a blessing. ;)

Hello telephone. I never knew you could be such an annoyance. (This girl does not like an upset elderly lady to hang up on her.)

Hello New Year. I expect I'll be facing harder things this year, but also enjoying greater joy.

Hello 2013. I realized today that I've lived more years in the new millennium than I lived in the old millennium (1900's).

Hello journal. I would be very lost without you.

Hello new job. Has it already been over three months? I must say, I like working at the Seneca News Dispatch.

Hello to my best friend. Enjoy your time back home in West Virginia, but come back soon.




There's a place in this world that and claims to be "wild and wonderful."

God made such a wonderful world.
There are some places especially
Where wild meets wonderful.
Wonderful is only an opinion.


So, I was looking through some of my pictures today, and decided to try out the lighting effects in Photoshop. I changed everything. All the options. haha  Hey, the best way to learn is to experiment. This is what it did: