Love, love love

I love, love, love West Virginia. My trip last year was wonderful, but you can hardly get any better than this year.

Maybe you can guess why...

Furthermore, we ended the trip by going to my cousin's wedding in Alabama.

I was so excited for her! You would have thought it was me walking down the aisle, by how jittery I was! Soon...soon. :)

Congratulations Steven and Ashley!


The Color of Memories

I'm just wondering.
How does our mind remember color?
Can you remember right now the color of fall?
What about a special memory. Do you have a color associated with that?

My fiancé and I love going to the park together. I was looking through some pictures, remembering the awesome times we've had together when I discovered a picture I had taken of some blossoms. On a whim, I decided to give it a second chance (it wasn't a terrible picture, but it wasn't beautiful).


I love color! Nature's natural color is the best!



Happy Photoshop Bride-to-be

So. This is what is feels like to abandon a blog.
I have good reason though, I'm using my spare time on the computer to do wedding planning.
The day is less than 5 months away,
And I am getting excited.

I want to share some not-so-weddingy wedding stuff.
I've been designing my invitation,
And in the mean time have created some effects I'm pretty happy with.
I wanted painted-looking roses for my invitation, didn't want to paint all of them by hand, so I came up with a way to do it on Ps.
Then, I wanted a sketch or stamped look,
So I opened Ps again, and soon came up with what I wanted.

I started with some rose pictures I had taken at the Portland Rose Garden. 

Painted look...

Sketched look :)

Well, better go!