Fixing Photos

One of my favorite past times is photo editing.  I enjoy transforming a picture from "meh" to "wow".  I mostly work with free programs and websites.  Here are some of my favorites.


I have not purchased the premium version, but I have fun with layering different effect to get a unique, artistic look.  I just wish that they would develop a way to save a series of edits as custom filter so that I could give a group of photos a unified look.


 This site makes it easy to get a uniform look, but creativity is limited.  You can only apply one filter for one photo, however, the outcome is pretty neat.  It is very quick and extremely simple.
(from the site's public album)
A Japanese site that will age you pics.  It allows for no creativity or choice, but again, the effect is pretty neat.

Download this for basic edits and effects.  It's nice for touch-ups or fixes.
Download this if you can't afford Photo Shop.  It's not as tech-y, but it has similar tools.  Use layers and filters to fix you photo.

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