Pray Without Ceasing

So many times in my life I have been reminded of the importance of prayer.  I have learned that I can go to God when I am confused, discouraged, angered, hurt, sorrowful, stressed, or joyful, thankful, hopeful, etc.  Yesterday, I was thinking and praying about some confusing issues in my life, and I was comforted that I could mention them in a prayer to my father and he would care.  However, I also began thinking that God would be pleased if I prayed more.  I know that he wants us all to talk to him when we feel a need, but he also longs for a communion that is not born out of distress.
I was flipping through some of last year's journals and I ran across an entry that I thought was worth reading again. In a brainstorm, I had listed a few passages in the Bible that tells us what to pray about.  Because I don't have references, some of them may not be verbatim.  However, they are pretty common scriptures, and you may recognize most of them.
  1. That the word of God be not hindered
  2. That the Lord of the harvest will send laborers into his field
  3. That thy [my] faith fail not
  4. For one another
  5. That they [we] may be one as we [the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost]  are one
  6. That they [I] may have their [my] joy fulfilled
  7. That thou keepest them [us] from evil

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