Made Especially For You

I enjoy making homemade cards for my friends.  Whether it is a birthday, graduation, or just because, I love finding creative expression in something I can give away.  I generally don't have a plan, so I start with an idea an go from there.  There's plenty of time to plan on the go. :)  Sorry, My pictures are bad because the lighting in my room is bad...I'll have to work on that...maybe actually get up and find a place to take the final picture.

I thought a puzzle stamp would be nice, so I made my own.  In the end though, I didn't have enough patience for the glue to dry and just used it without my make-shift knob.

I decided that I like how my "stamp" looked, so I brushed the edges with some brown ink, added a bow, and applied.  I also brushed the stamped puzzle shapes and they turned out looking crackled because of the texture of the paint. I added a measure of painted and inked music, and was almost done.

I needed some contrast for the letters I cut out of a book, so I painted another strip of music with craft paint.  Happy Birthday!

 whoops!  I don't like that...How can I save it?  I had already made the flower out of an old book and songbook.  I had some old accounting paper that I was thinking about using, and I thought I wanted some puzzle pieces again.  It might have been okay if I had chosen better colors, but I now I had ruined my card and had to go into problem-solving mode.  Brushing some white paint over it didn't help much, so I decided to cover it with paper.  That worked.

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