I am so thankful for my loving Creator.  We are just touching a little on biochemistry right now in chemistry, and it is simply amazing!  Just take the nitrogen bases of DNA for example.  Adenine matches perfectly with Thymine and Guanine with Cytosine.  Furthermore, the length of each pair are equal (A+T=C+G).  It is just amazing that the specific atoms fit together to form a molecule that has the right chemical and physical properties to link together and make an intricate strand of DNA.  My Creator created perfection from the molecular level to the universal level.  He also takes an interest in each of our lives.  He put me in just the right home, area, time, and situation.  Each moment, hour, and day of my life, He personally planned out.  Each life interacts with others, and this is the writing of history.  God's hand has definitely been in the planning of history too.  God is just too amazing!

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