Wild and Wonderful?

As explained in my last post, I was blessed to be able to attend a camp meeting in WV.  I heard one girl say that it was wild maybe, but not wonderful.  What do you think?  Wild? Wonderful? Or both?

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My signature window picture
I'm the type of person that takes pictures of weeds...
...and peeling paint
Just a view from the front lawn
On top of Snowshoe Mt.

I enjoyed my trip: getting to know my camera, meeting new people, and soaking up some spiritual blessings.  God is so good.



  1. I really think that it is both.
    The people in general - as I already expressed - seem to take on a little bit of the wild and naturist air (not really unrefined - I would hate to say that - but they don't seem to mind a life less invaded with the general pace of civilization) :D
    The land is most wonderful and beautiful, for sure!

    1. I agree with MarLeah. :) There are certainly positive and negative points to the "life less invaded with the general pace of civilization"... but it's nice to know that it certainly doesnt harm a person. :)

  2. I'd say my opinion is kinda obvious. :D what's your opinion of "wild and wonderful"?

    1. My opinion? I would probably say both, although I have a feeling I was cheated out of seeing very much of the "wild" while I was out there. Maybe next time I'll purpose to go someplace completely away from any buildings and such.