Be Ye Thankful

When the couch is ugly,
And the kitchen floor needs to be replaced.
When I want a puppy,
And maybe a few hens,
(But, first, we need to buy a freezer.)
When I'm lonely or bored,
Or I have so much work,
It's easy to think,
"I wish things were different."
But why complain?
Why choose discontentment?

Instead, I have chosen
to be thankful. 

We have a home, and plenty of room.
He has a job, and we both have health.
The couch is actually comfy, even if it's orange,
And the carpet is so soft.
(Your feet won't know it's dated!)
There's plenty of food,
And plenty to share,
And I have a sweet cat
(She's good company for me.)
The neighbors here
Are just the best!
My husband knows me so well,
And loves me still!
And even more, God cares for me,
And He blesses me,
And He knows what I need,
Even before I ask.

And when I think of all the things I have,
And of all my dreams that have come true,
Of all the laughter we share,
And the love that is here,
I am thankful.


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