Meet Cora


     I had the sweetest phone conversation with my grandma this afternoon. I cried after we hung up because she was so encouraging and sweet like her parents, [Great] Grandpa and Grandma McMillian (the writers of the love letters I have posted).
“That's what older people do. They have time for encouraging the younger ones.”
  She told me a little about her great grandma, Grandpa Mac’s mother. They called her Cora.

  They had a total of 11 children, and lived in big farm house. She lost a step-son, two of her own, and her husband all within a few short months. Grandpa, her youngest, was only eight. She no longer was able to live in their home or even care for her children on her own. The children were split up, living with older married sisters, for a time.
  Grandma Cora love God, and she learned more about His will by reading the Bible on her own. When grandpa was 18, she became acquainted with the "Faith and Victory" and said, "This is what I've been looking for." She loved all her children and faithfully prayed for their salvation. Her prayers were not in vain, and she never would have know how many souls her life and prayers affected. Even after so much hardship in her own life, she had a heart for others, and some called her "The Lady with the Golden Heart."
  I told grandma how much I enjoyed hearing about Great-great-grandma Cora. I remembered listing to great-grandpa and grandma tell stories, too, and I always enjoyed it. Grandma added, “And they were always so encouraging! That’s what older people do. They have time for encouraging the younger ones.”

  As I’m writing this and reflecting on the lives of those who have gone before me, I ponder what kind of ripple I’ll make in my little world. I am honored to have such great examples before me. Do I have the faith and courage to ask for a “double portion” of their spirit? I am challenged.


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