Desiring to do Good

I often think about our duty, as Christians, to do what we can for others.   Many times, when I am looking for something “big” to do, I remember that little things (a glass of cold water) are also a blessing in this hurting world.  I read last night an article in C. E. Orr’s book Helps to Holy Living.  It opened up a little more understanding to me about how we can increase in good works and what mind we must have in doing them.
One sentence stood out to me: “Love is keen-eyed and will find many little things to do for Jesus in the busiest days of life.”  Many times, I have longed for the “keen eyes” mentioned here, and the answer is to nurture more love for Christ.  Of course, I cannot love of my own.  I can only return the love God has given me.  (However, the love he has shown me is immeasurable and abounding).  This means that, though I have nothing of myself, I can always love God more.  As I have more love for Christ, my love for others will increase, and good deeds (whether great or small) will flow from that divine love.
Another quote has stuck with me:  “Doing things for humanity’s sake is commendable, but doing them for Christ’s sake is infinitely more so.”  Our motive for doing good must all be born of our love for God.  Any other motive does not have the spiritual benefit that serving God can offer.  If I can grasp the meaning of this principle and apply it in my life, I know it will bring more happiness and contentment.


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