Obedience and Wisdom

In reading the first few chapters of Joshua, I begin to see the difference between two stories.  In chapter seven, the disobedience of on man (Achan) brought a curse on all the Israelites.  God was not with them in their next battle, and many lost their lives as they fled from their enemies.  The ninth chapter tells about the Hivites and their deceptive plot.  The people of Israel did not seek God’s council and made a mistake they regretted later.  Though the Israelites had to deal with the natural consequences of their decision, God did not punish them as he did at Ai.  Instead, he worked two very great miracles in their favor.  When the Hivites—because of the league—called for help against five kings that warred against them, God told Joshua not to fear.  God was definitely with the Israelites that day and sent hailstones that killed more than the Israelites did with the sword.  The greatest miracle was when he held the sun still and it did not set for the length of a day.
It encourages me to know that God will still be with me even when I make an unwise decision.  His plan for me is one of victory, and he will be with me if I obey him.  There are, however, great benefits to seeking the Lord in my every-day decision and even more so in my big life decisions.  He has infinite wisdom, and cannot be deceived.  People can trick us, and circumstances can mislead us, but God can help us make the right decision.


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