I Dream of Sewing

My mom has been trying to teach me to sew since I was young.  She, herself, is a wonderful seamstress.  I personally like the liberty of being able to make my own clothes, though I don’t get it done very often.  It seems as if I do more dreaming than I do stitching.  In fact, I have a whole basket of dreams.  If I am diligent (and blog quickly), maybe I can get my room project done (I am rearranging and organizing to make room for a little studio), and then I can at least cut out one of my projects before I head back to school.

I have an 80’s pattern that looks delicious!  I envisioned a Nancy Drew khaki with black and white damask accents.

 Then, there is this vintage knit dress that I want to lengthen with polka-dots and add a polka-dot belt.

I’m hoping to turn this lovely green fabric into my first maxi dress.  It makes me look forward to spring!

With the red, I am planning on sewing up a dressy top—it would be a nice addition to my wardrobe.

This is some cute printed knit with which I want to make a casual summer top.  I think I would love it.

Occasionally, my dreams do come true.  I loved the Route 66 skirt over at Marie-Madeline Studio.  In looking for a similar pattern I discovered a retro pattern that I decided to try.  It's not quite the Route 66 skirt (I'm still dying over their denim skirt), and the panels are a little wider than I envisioned, but I like it.  I sewed it awhile ago, but now it is in my to-do list again because I think it could stand to loose a few inches on the sides so that the waist band doesn't bunch up so much when I tie the belt.

The project top on my list, however, is a dark purple dress.  I thought I would try out a princess style on this one.

Sigh.  I must make time for sewing.


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