Sprinkles (2)

While in CherryBerry (a yummy frozen yogurt place), I witnessed a humorous little episode that made an impression on me.  A father was treating his young son to a cup of frozen yogurt, and I overheard him ask, “what do you want on it?  Brownie bites?  M&Ms?...”  “I want sprinkles!” the little boy said excitedly.  *silence from the dad*, then: “Here’s some sprinkles.  Do you want these M&M sprinkles?”  Obviously, the dad wanted to get his money’s worth, while the little boy could only see the colorful sprinkles he always liked to put on ice cream and cupcakes.

Pardon me while I extend the analogy from a previous post on sprinkles.

How many times do we ask God for happiness?  Why wouldn’t we want to be happy?  I will step out on a limb and say that most everybody in the world is searching for happiness.  It is common—just as common as sprinkles.

So, God has this frozen yogurt place, and he has lots of wonderful things there: contentment, peace, joy, love, longsuffering, temperance, kindness, meekness, assurance, etc.  Pause a moment and envision all the things he has waiting for you.  Now, with that mental image before you say, “I just want happiness.”

Jesus already paid the bill.  He died on the cross so that we can have all the blessings of a Holy life lived for him.  He understands our human desire for happiness, but his deepest desire is that we would take full advantage of the blessings his death made available for us.  As a personal challenge, I desire to focus less on “sprinkles” and ask for another spoonful of the “goodies” God has promised his children.


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