20 Things I Learned in College

Today, I take the exit exam for graduation.  That diploma is approaching quickly.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity I have had to go to school, and I feel like it has helped me grow a lot artistically.  I have learned a lot during two years of lectures, tests, and studio.  I hope the important stuff is tucked nicely away somewhere that I’ll never forget.

1.       Wasting time=stress later
2.       If you have any life whatsoever, do not expect weekends to be a “homework catch-up” time.
3.       You’ll learn only as much as you want to learn.
4.       Your instructor is very knowledgeable in his/her field.  Mine them.
5.       When an instructor is talking to you and you don’t like what they are saying, don’t try to correct them, defend yourself, make excuses, or say “I know”.  Close your mouth and nod your head.  Respectfully.
6.       Do not talk disrespectfully about your instructors.
7.       Bad days happen.
8.       Friendliness goes a long ways.
9.       Time management is a life-saver. (still learning this one)
10.   Being on time to class, and caring (or at least acting like it) gives you an advantage.  Professors appreciate effort.
11.   Usually everything works out some way, and situations never end up as bad as I envisioned.
12.   (art student specifically)  Responding to a compliment to you work with a “I don’t like it” or “it’s awful!” is awkward.  A simple “thank you” is the best way.  A constructive critique is sometimes acceptable as well.
13.   (art student specifically) Don’t tell someone that they are “way better” than you.  That is also awkward.  Please, please, please, do not tell someone that they are “showing everyone else up”, especially if “everyone else” can hear.
14.   (art student specifically) There is always that “ugly teenage” stage in making art.  Don’t get self-conscious during that time—it will only hinder you.  Instead, focus even harder on what it will be.
15.   People will judge you, but don’t let it get to you.  Stay focused on what really matters: the heart.
16.   Other people have bad days too.
17.   People are weird.  So are you.  But no one is weirder than that guy that always…never mind.
18.   First impressions: it’s what I love about the first week of classes.
19.   People are generally very helpful.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions
20.   Humor is a good habit.  Get used to laughing at yourself.


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