Weekend Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Glenn Carpenter!

The men gathered around the tractor.  (I'm pretty sure they're not just admiring the sign)

 She threw a break-away bouquet, and my sister and I caught one of the four.  I caught it with my left hand, while trying to take pictures with my right.

She wrote one of her favorite promises on a ribbon of each bouquet.

I went with some friends to a farm where one of my friends feeds the animals.  It was all so peaceful and beautiful!

I enjoyed watching the peacocks, but I wasn't able to get many good pictures of them.

My first time eating crawfish!

I would have stopped at my second if my sister wouldn't have offers to peel some for me.  

I wore my little un-athletic self out playing soccor with these awesome people.  I love family!

This is my little cousin that helped me discover all the pinecones in the yard with a “There’s another one!” and taught me to go “uuuuup!” and “dooooown!” hills.  

I enjoyed running around with him.

When we got up the next morning to leave, I was excited to see all the fog.  I love it!

On the way home, we dove by this, and they let me get out and take some pictures.
I liked the design on the fence and how old it looked. 

My biggest disappointment this trip was that the majority of my pictures turned out bad, and only after I was in the car and headed back home did I think to check the exposure setting.  High exposure is the worst!  Yuck.  Oh well.  Lesson learned.  I wish I was a more talented photographer, because I love capturing the beautiful things and the sentimental things in life.  

Like the little girl who was very aware of her full, pretty dress and loved to twirl and swish it.

And the little boy, quiet and observant.


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