Photography Friday (with a sad note)

Good news is: I now have a 55-250mm is lens
Good news is: My parents got it for me.  (thank you so much!)
Bad news?  I have to live TWO WHOLE WEEKS without my camera (They made a deal with me to let them take it on their anniversary trip)

So.  Here's what I took this week.

Wish I had my zoom lens a day earlier.  Oh well.

Cute little scrawny ugly kitten that was adorable and won everyone's heart.

The moon! :)  Again, I wish I had my zoom lens then.



  1. Guess what kind of camera I got to use this weekend? Yep.... A canon like yours, except it was Sis. Julie's! So....... Can I hire you to edit some of them? I don't have time, but I want to make a pretty-looking book & I want the pictures edited first. :) Be thinking about a price. ;)