Wise Words

Wise words come from wise women.  A sister at church, whom I almost think of as a grandma since my own Nanna passed away, shared this phrase with the congregation.

(Naomi speaking to Ruth) "Sit still, my daughter."

It blessed her, but I knew it was for me, too.



  1. Ahhhh..... Must have been said when I couldn't sit still any longer. (man, I hate having to walk out during service!!!! But somehow I do it waaaayyyyy too often!)

    Anyway. I love this post a lot. I need to learn to sit still sometimes! :-/


  2. Some songs that God has been using for me lately:

    "Be Still My Soul"

    "Be Still and Know:
    Be Still my soul, be still and know that He is God. Rest quietly, rest in His loving arms for He is watching over you. Ever faithful, ever true!..."