All Things Work Together

Neosho, Mo

Gen. Del.

Nov. 2, 1943

Dear Carrie,

  Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ our blessed Lord.

  This finds me still save sanctified and determined to go all the way with the good Lord. I can say like David he will be our guide even untill death or for ever.

  I felt some better this morning after a long night's sleep, but I think I would hardly be able to make it at work wo I am staying in to day.

  I called to Mr. Westior's office yesterday evening but he was done gone home although he left a little information at his office. The lady that answered the phone said that he fail to be able to call out to the farm where he entended to. But he left word there for me to call him a gain this morning. So I did. I called to his house this morning and talked with his wife. He said for me to meet him this mornin as he went to work I tole her that I was hardle able to work this morning then she said that he said for me to call him when I did get able. So by that I supose he must have somthing in mind for me to do. I really hope I can get a job without leaving Neosho.

  Well Carrie I know it seems like that you and I have quite a few tests (or should I say wonder whys) in our being to gether. But as the scripture says "all things work to gether for good to them that love God and to them who are called according to his purpose."

  Carrie I sure did appreciate those kind words that you spoke to me yesterday while I was out at your house and on our way to Neosho. I mean about what you said concerning me being sick. I wish I could return the favor. I hope you all didn't have any more car trouble.

Carrie I am sure you don't know how thankful I am that I got to meet you and to go with you and above all I am thankful for the hopes of our future.

  I am glad that the good Lord thinks enough of us weak creatures to lead us a long the way of life. I am sure that when the Lord leads all will be well

  I think it is a wonderful and gracious thing to have God lead us through life. He can help us to be a blessing where with out him life would be a failure. I knew that every good thing that we are able to do is done by his help or his power. So seeing this is true helps us to be able to say like the song, all I am or hope to be I commit dear Lord to thee. We say this because we love him. I hope it is where I can go to prayer meeting Thur. night as I always enjoy meting in the house of God to learn more about him. I will also be glad to see Miss Wyatt there. I enjoy your lovely presense.

  It will sure be good and suit me very much if I get a job where I can continue to go to prayer meeting. I don't see why it wouldn't be the Lord's will for me to have a job that I could do so. Although I don't know just what Mr.Westion has in mind by him being ready for me to go to work before he called out to the farm. So I will be hoping that God will work things out so I can go to prayer meeting.

  Well I guess I will say good bye to that sweetheart of mine (Carrie Wyatt.)

  May God ever bless you and I both and help us to be a blessing in my sincere prayer.

Pray for me love


Please excuse this short letter.

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