Wishing to See You

Neosho, Mo

Route 3

Sept. 30, 1943

Dear Carrie,

  Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord.

We have just got back from the prayer meeting. Every on here are in bed except my self. I thought I would write my sweet girl friend a letter before I went to bed as I want to be sure and get it in the morning mail.

  As we were coming back from church to night I was thinking about what I told you concerning when I would see you again, which I understand was Sun. The thing I want to say is that I hope to see you before Sun. I hope you will forgive me for not asking you about it to night at church I also hope it will be alright with you. I guess I will just have to go and hoping and trusting that you will understand. I really hadn’t considered it much until we had left the church. So now if the Good Lord wills, I will try to see you Sat. evening some time. I guess this is as near as I can tell you. If Bro. Wyatt is in town Sat. I guess I can come out with him, but if not I will try, and see have it seem to walk out there.

  As far as I know now I will be leaving Neosho about Mon. to go back to Guthrie and I just got to thinking about how little time we would have to gether be fore I left if I didn’t see you before Sun. I am sure I would enjoy being with you more than just Sun.

  I guess I could write quite a lot if I were to take the time but since it is getting late and since I expect to see you soon I will say good by to the girl that has been, and is, a real encouragement to me, and to the girl that I love and respect as my only girl friend.


(I love you, Mc)

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