Cannot be Contained

This may be the most excited I have ever been about a painting!!!  I can't contain it and had to share it somewhere.  So...you are the lucky ones, and if you don't want to hear about indirect painting, stop reading. :)

I'm super-duper excited about this painting project.  I'll refrain from posting a picture, because it is still unfinished, and I want to wait until it's complete.  (Hopefully I'll like the finished product and post the process pictures here).

This project was one of those that almost had me completely discouraged.  I'm glad I have a nice instructor, or I may have given up.  When I started, I really did not know what I was doing, but I painted an under-painting in blue monochrome.  Today, I was a little afraid to continue, but in art, I often have to step out, take risks, and be willing to flop.  I'm not sure that I was truly willing to flop, but my desire to succeed was stronger than my fear, and so I put my loaded brush on the blue canvas and began.  With indirect painting, it is the intention to "build" the color rather that mix it on the palette.  This is accomplished by applying layers of glazes over an under-painting.  It was a little hard to be willing not to have the right color down on the first layer, but patience paid off, and now I can't wait to finish.

There was also a sweet lady beside me to help encourage me as I went.  She kept on watching me and saying nice things about it, and I couldn't help but like it because I needed it so much right then as I worked on what seemed like an impossibility to me.




  1. Yay!!! I want to see the finished product, no matter what!!! It looks so good right now, and I am excited to see how this new method turns out. :))))

  2. Go Alyssa! I'm excited for you and want to see it as well. :)