"...Who daily loadeth us with benefits"

     There is a beautiful thing about the Christian that makes us different from the unsaved.  Every blessing we get in life, we immediately attribute to God.  God has been blessing me a lot today, and I am so overwhelmed with the love he has been showing me.
     As I go to college, I have endeavored to be as out-going as my personality allows.  Some days though, it is just not as easy to be giving all the time, and it is just refreshing and rewarding to be on the receiving end occasionally.
     This afternoon, while I was reviewing my research for my paper, a high school friend came up and joined me for write a while.  Even though I can sometimes be a loner, it was nice to have someone take the time to just be there.
     Later, while eating my lunch in the shade, a girl from  a past drawing class (an amazing artist herself) came by and started up a casual conversation.  After she left me, my spirits were lifted quite a bit, but I guess God wasn’t done blessing me.
     I went to the art department lounge to write, and a new acquaintance came by.  I have started to get to know her this semester from seeing her in the studio.   She asked if I was on FB and if I minded if she friended me.  She said that she thought I was talented and that she needed to expand her artist social circle.   It was just a small thing that said to me, “I value our acquaintance and want to stay in touch.”
     I appreciate the friendliness of my college acquaintances, but as a Christian, I give God the credit.  I believe he wanted to show me a little extra love today, and he knew exactly what I needed.  Don’t we serve a wonderful savior?
     It also gave me a new perspective for the rest of the day.  I continued being as friendly as I normally am, but it had new purpose and meaning now.  I was more aware of how it may be blessing someone else.  I also realized how important spending time is. For me, it is easier to say a few friendly words and then go on.  I don’t talk much unless I’m comfortable (or writing--or very uncomfortable, and then I blabber).  However, I think I will try to more frequently spend a little time with someone just to show them that I care.  In reflection, I suppose the events of this afternoon served two purposes: to bless me and to teach me.



  1. Am I being emotional right now? I *almost* started to tear up. I love it when things like that happens. My coworker came in last week the day after I took off and the first thing she did when she walked in the door was give me a hug and said, "I missed you yesterday!" :) I needed that, too!

    I also remember a time at a Guthrie meeting when God gave me a specific person to just hang out with and be a friend to and listen and care about.... (I ask God if there is a person like that every meeting I go to... Sometimes He gives me one, other times He doesn't).... Well, his person took an extra amount of "me" and I felt so empty when I came home..... Tired of giving. And God sent a friend along to spend time with ME and bless me...... We have been "best buds" ever since, as before we were just cousins. God knows what He is doing. :)

  2. Aww. That's cool about your coworker. And I think God knows when we need a little encouragement to keep on giving.

  3. I enjoyed this pleasant rehearsal of your day. It was almost like I could feel it with you!

    I had a wonderful blessing today, too. When I got out of my car at Wal-mart and walked toward the entrance, I passed two shopping carts. I almost missed it--then it registered--a black purse still in the seat of one cart. It caught my breath, and I ran to get it. The owner was a careful person with her purse, I could tell; she had tethered it with the child restraint so it couldn't be jerked away. I imagined her panic at that moment, as she, probably a passenger in a car with another person, rode toward home searching frantically for her purse. I took it to the greeter, who then delivered it to the CSM. After I checked out my groceries, I asked the greeter--a man who always likes to talk to me about the Lord--if anyone had inquired about the purse.

    "Yes, just a minute ago. She was soooo glad to find that it had been returned!"

    "And I am so glad it was me that found the purse! That had to be the Lord!"

    I couldn't help smiling as I went to my car, and I drove home smiling. That has been one of my greatest fears and probably the most frequent of my nightmares, losing a purse has. And I got to spare one lady of that terrible nightmare. Isn't God soooo good! This is one time I would like to know HER side of the story, not just to be identified myself, but to know HER happiness. I can only imagine.

  4. Yes, God is good, and you reminded me how blessed it is to be used to bless someone else. I also can't help thinking about how it was also so personal to you. I know God knew your fear, and he was able to give you a blessing that would create an impression on you...just like the two scissor tails. :)