My Fault

  Like I mentioned earlier in my post about rain, I recently learned what I had done to get such terrible resolution on my blog header. Here's the story, with a little lesson attached.
  I used a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop to create my design (Illustrator to create the graphics and Photoshop to assemble everything). I kept on noticing that the graphics looked very pixelated once I put them in Ps. In the past, I had not used Ps for much more than editing photos, so I didn't really know what to do. I finally concluded that it was because I had tried to copy and paste the graphics from Ai. I almost discredited the programs and accused them of not working together as seamlessly as claimed, but I have faith in the Adobe software (Adobe is my hero) and so I accepted the blame.
  I think sometimes we are tempted the same way in our spiritual experience. It is so easy to discredit God or his salvation and sanctification when we don't have the victory we want or we don't understand life. However, faith in God says that He is not the problem, but it is self that messes things up. A little more humility--a little more submission to his will--and victory can be ours. Any time the thought comes that there must be nothing to salvation, that is an indicator that self is becoming too involved in the situation.  God's plan is perfect.  Furthermore, I had to admit that there are amazing artists out there that do great things with Adobe programs.  There are also a "great cloud of witnesses" that can tell us that they were able by the blood of Jesus.  Therefore, let us stay encouraged and never give up our faith in God.


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