Photography Friday

Though I thought this week would be a little sparse on the picture side, here are at least 15 of my favorites.

I love the clouds in this picture...but yes I did adjust the picture a little to make them stand out a little more.  It's so hard to get details in clouds when you are shooting a darker foreground.

Now the zoomy was done while shooting, but obviously I adjusted the color.

The tractor pull wasn't the ideal place to practice freelensing, but I did get to work on my panning.

And here's that dear old place I have been looking forward to. 

I don't exactly know why I like these pictures so much...oh yeah, because the dress is cute. :)

...and this one has nice framing and contrast.

Here's our ghostly cat.  It was very dark outside, and I forgot that auto focus wouldn't work.

Here's more what I was going for.  I liked the shadow patterns on the cat.

 And I'll close with my cubism cat.  This actually is two different perspectives of the cat; the cat didn't move.

Aaaaaaannnnnnd...I just looked at the clock.  Yikes.


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