Photography Friday (overload)

Hello!  I have really enjoyed my camera--as you will witness as you scroll (too many pictures for one week!).  These first few are from our garden--mostly the bean plants.

I got to take my camera on a little walk in town.

window pictures!

Compare the next two: one is Photoshoped and the other one is free-lens.

The following are my freelensing experiments :)

MarLeah, my sister, did a lot of freelensing too, and this is one of my favorites.

So...that was a lot of pictures.  Next week I'll have to keep reminding myself that...

Otherwise, I'll never get those outfits done (along with all the other projects and preparation) before the big two-zero (Our national camp meeting at Monark Springs starts a week from now).  So, enjoy your weekend, and hopefully I'll get a lot done next week.  ...and not stay up late reading Coleridge. Or discovering new things in Photoshop.  sigh.



  1. Good pictures!

    1. Thanks Heidi! We need to talk photography again soon--I might be able to follow you a little better now. :)