Ceramics Christmas

Today was a happy day--almost as good as Christmas.  I walked into the ceramics studio and most of the students were gathered around the glaze shelf.  Our projects were out of the glaze firing!  It was my first time to hold in my hands a finished ceramic piece knowing that I was the artist that had formed it.  The semester is coming to a close, and projects are getting completed.  That means more art posts are coming. :)

Introducing my mug and bowl set!  This has been such a new and exciting experience for me.  Throwing.  Trimming.  Pulling handles.  Carving.  Glazing.  I enjoyed every bit of this project.  I can't say that about every project.  Some can give me quite the headache!  On this set, I chose a simple design that I knew I would like.    It is decorative and flowing.  Before glazing it with "Turquoise Magic", I brushed on some iron oxide around the detail.  The result: a feminine, antique appearance.

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