I Will Pray About The Matter

Neosho, Mo.
Aug. 27,1943
Dear Mc,
I received you letter yesterday.  Was very glad to know you had a safe trip back to Guthrie, and that the Lord blessed you on the way.
Mildred and I had a safe trip too, but part of it wasn't so pleasant.  We rode on the Streamliner to Kansas City.  It was alright that far.  Then we had to wait there six hours for the next train.We went out and hunted a cafe and ate our dinner.  Then we waited the rest of the time in the depot.  When we got on the nexte train, it was really crowded.  We thought we were going to have to stand up, but two men got up and gave us their seat.  It was a real old train, and wasn't very comfortable to ride on.  We got to Joplin that night at 11:30.  So we got a cab and went to Mother's house to stay until the next day.  Joplin is 19 miles from Neosho.  Mildred went to her home from there, and I rode a bus on home Tuesday evening.  Well I feel like I have so much to praise the dear Lord for.  He has been blessing me in so many ways the past few weeks.  Mildred and I were talking while we were on our way home about how much God has been doing for me.  I told her I didn't feel like I deserved the many good things.  She said, "I guess the Lord knows how many blessing he can trust you with."  I guess that is right, but I sure don't feel worthy of them all.  But the desire of my heart is to keep very close to the Lord, and do all I can for Him.  I know I could never do enough to repay Him for what He does for me, but I will at least try to do all I can for Him in helping others, and be ready to do more when He calls on me.
It truly is a happy and contented life to serve the Lord.  The world is in trouble, and people are going here and there seeking for pleasure, and yet are not satisfied.  But thank God, we have found something that satisfies every longing of our heart.  There is no thirsting for the pleasures of the world, but all we are hungering and thirsting after is more of God and His righteousness.  And what I like so well about that, is that the Lord never turns us away, but gives us everything we need, so that we can know how to serve Him better.  I surely want to learn more about this great salvation.  We only get a taste of it when we are first saved, and as we draw nearer to God, it becomes more precious to our souls.  Truly I value this salvation above everything else in the world.  It makes us happy here, and also prepares us for our next home where our joys will have no end.  So it is worth striving for, isn't it?  And worth suffering for, too.
Well it seemed good to get back home after my trip.  I enjoy being out in the Lord's service, but I'm always glad to get home after the meetings are over.  The help and encouragement I received at Langdon in those good meetings will never be forgotten.  I feel that I got more strength, and so I want to be more able to do more for the Lord by the help I got.
I can say that the talks I had with you were very encouraging to me.  I was glad to see your earnestness to please the Lord.  That helped me to want to be more careful to do my best for Him.
The few hours we spent together werea pleasure to me.  I enjoyed the fellowshp, and talking of our work for God.  That is a subject I love to talk about, because my heart is in this work.  And I could tell that you were interested in the same thing, so I enjoyed your presence.
I will now try to answer some of the things you asked me about.  I hardly know just what I should say yet about our future, as to whether the Lord would have us to spend our lives together in His service or not.  But I'll say that I will consider it, and pray over the matter.  I surely want the Lord to be our guide, and to let us know His will.  For when the Lord leads us, He always leads us right.  I know that within myself I wouldn't know what would be best.  But when we let the Lord have His way in our lives, we can always feel satisfied.  So however He can use us best in His service, that is the way I want it to be.
Then you told of how you felt more burdened to work among unsaved people.  And you asked if I felt burdened for that kind of work.  Yes, I can say that I have for quite a while.  I have enjoyed working in new places more than anywhere.
Although I haven't had an opportunity to work in those kind of places very often, but I enjoy it.  That is one reason I enjoyed the meeting so much at Langdon.  Yet I have never knew just where the Lord would have me to go.  There are 6 or 7 ministers here at Neosho, and I have said many times that I didn't know just why the Lord would call me to preach when there are already so many here.  But I have felt like it has been good for me to be here to get a good start, and become established.  Bro. Strech has been so much help to me.  But my future is in the Lord's hands, and I want to be a useful servant for Him wherever He leads.
Mc [pronounced Mac], if you feel that the Lord wants you to wait until you become more established before  you do much preaching that is alright.  you do whatever you feel that He wants you to do.  It that is the way He is leading you, just wait on Him.  Then as He leads you out, you can feel more free and more bold for Him.  You know yourself what the Lord wants you to do better than anyone could tell you.  When we are patient and willing for God to have full control of your life, then we can go forth with boldness to do his will.
Mc, I don't have a very good picture of myself now, but I have been intending to have some made, so if they are any good, I will send you one.  And I would be very glad to have one of you.
Will I must be closing for this time.  Keep encouraged, and God bless you.
Your Sister in Christ,
Carrie Wyatt.
Well here it is Sunday afternoon.  I wrote this letter Friday night, and thought I would mail it Sat. but was too late getting it to the mail box.  We live 1/4 mi. from the box, and I thought Dad was going to town so I was going to let him mail it there.  And when I found out he wasn't going, it was too late to catch the mail man.  I thought I would write a little more since I didn't get it mailed, and also explain so woul wouldn't think I just didn't want to write sooner.
Well I wonder where you are today.  I hope you are enjoying yourself.  We had a good meeting this morning.  Bro. Strech was gone to visit some folks, so we missed him a lot.  I guess he will be there for the night service.
I still had som more exercise for the Lord today, as I had to preach again this morning.  I felt so weak withing myself.  But I didn't want to fail the Lord, and then He didn't fail to help me.
Anna and her husband and baby came home with us today for dinner.  We have enjoyed ourselves together.  We always have company on Sunday, unless we go somewhere.  It wouldn't hardly seem like Sunday if we didn't have someone else with us.
Well it is time to start getting ready to go to meeting, so I must hurry.  Wish you were here to go along with us.
Goodbye for this time,

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