You Are More Than a Friend

Neosho, Mo
Sept. 5, 1943

Dear Mac,

Will write some to you this Sunday evening. We had quite a lot of company today, and they all just left a little while ago. So I thought I would have a little time to do some writing before time to go to the night service.
 This evening finds me with a strong determination to keep following the Lord. In following Christ, we never know just where He might choose to lead us, or what kind of experience He will lead we though. But I'm sure of this, that so long as we follow Him we will be safe from every danger. Sometime He chooses to lead us thro' some rough places, but if we just fearlessly follow on, with our confidence fixed in Him, then we can enjoy the blessings that come afterward. The Lord wants a people who are not afraid to suffer. Those who become afraid don't get the blessings. For my part, I like to be blessed, so I would rather be willing to bear hardships for a while, & then enjoy the sunshine.

We sure had a good meeting this morning. Bro Strech preached. His text was Ps. 16:11. I received many good thoughts. It was very encouraging.

We also had a good Sun. School lesson. I am taking the Junior class now. No one else seems to think they can teach it, since they don't have any literature to teach from.  So I gave the Primary class over to another Sister. I feel quite at "home" when I'm teaching children, but it was like hard work trying to teach the young people's class there in Langdon.

My Mother, my oldest sister & her family were her today for dinner. Also my Uncle and Aunt from Pitcher , Okla. We enjoyed the day very much. My sister lives about 30 miles from here. She is two years older than I am. We are pretty close pals, & love to be together.

I received you welcome & encouraging letter yesterday.  And I must say that I enjoyed it.  And many, many thanks for the picture. I was very glad to get it.  No I can see you, even though you are not here in person. Yes, I will remember to send you one of my pictures when I have some made. It is so hard to get any made in Neosho any more since the Army Camp is here. The town is so crowded & it's hard to get anything done. But I will see about it in a few days, & if I don't get to have any mad, I’ll try to find one among my old ones to send you, but they are not very good.

Mac, I will say again that I enjoyed your letter. I could feel the fellowship of the Spirit of God, like I could the short time we were together. I am glad to know of your earnestness to please the Lord in every way you can. And I have confidence in your life.

I had wondered if you would be back in Ala. when I heard from you again. I'm sure the Lord knows where He can use you best, & that He will lead you & let you know His will. It is a wonderful privilege that we have of committing our way unto the Lord, & letting Him guide us. As Bro. Strech often says that he has nothing to worry about since he belongs to the Lord, for he doesn't have to plan or decide what he should do in the future. Instead of that he just moves when the Lord says so, & lets Him do the planning of His life. So I think that is a happy way to live. We don't have to worry about how things will work out, but all we need to know is God's will from day to day, & then obey Him as He leads us.

Yes, it will be alright with me for you to come and see me. I have no objections at all. I would be very glad if we could talk face to face again as I believe we could better understand each other, & also I think it would be easier for us to understand what the Lord would have us to do. What I mean is that if we could talk over our leadings & what our burdens are concerning the Lord's work, we could know better as to whether our work would blend together. It seems to me that the only way two could prosper for the Lord would be that they would both be interested in the same line of work. If we were that way, and united our efforts, surely we could be a help to each other, and could be stronger in His service. Is that the way you see it? There are many things I would like to talk about, but would take too long to write it. --Probably you feel the same way.

I sure appreciate the way you feel about wanting the Lord to lead us. If you didn't feel that way about it, I'm sure that I couldn't feel free to consider your question. But as it is, I believe we are both agreed that we want the Lord to have His way in the matter.

And in answer to another question--yes Mac, I do think more of you than just a friend. and I can say this, that if the Lord should lead us to be together that I wouldn't need to do like the woman you mentioned that said she had to pray for the Lord to put love in her heart. Although I hesitate to think too much about that until I first know the Lord's will. For I think it would be harder to give up for the Lord to have His way if I should. I hope you understand my thought. I think we learn many things by experience. And I have learned to be rather slow & let the Lord work first. Maybe you have had the same experience. But what I want to say is this. I we first know God's will in the matter and then if He wills it that we should be together, and we always keep Him between us, our love will be more sweeter & more lasting. And as you said, when the Lord leads two that way, they continue to be a greater blessing to each other as time goes on. And I'll say this, I've never seen anyone that I have felt as much fellowship with as I have with you.

Well I'm in a hurry now. I guess you can tell that by the mistakes I've been making in my writing. I don't know if I have explained my thought so you can understand me or not, but if not, just be free to let me know it. When I try to hurry I get mixed up & can't say what I want to.

Well I must bring this to a close. Continue to remember me in your prayers, & I will do the same for you.

Yours in Christ,
Carrie Wyatt.

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