Texture Layers

Today, I'm going to share another edited photo and its journey.

This is the original picture my sister took.

I first edited it in Picasa 3 by adding a colored tint and preserving a little of the color. (this may not make sense unless you have the program, but, hey, it's free!)  Then I added a glow effect and adjusted the setting until it reminded me of an old picture.

I could have stopped there, but I remembered this awesome website that has free textures, so I headed over there and grabbed a couple.  I was going to look for a winter-y looking one, but I got distracted with all the cool "grunges".  I used Paint.net to open the picture and the texture.  I copied the texture and pasted it in another layer on the picture.  Then I changed the blending mode and the opacity.

[click image for larger view]

This is the second texture with two examples of blending modes.

I think I'm going to enjoy all the textures Shadowhouse creates.  They look so good!

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