Surface Inspiration

Lately, it seems like the potter’s wheel has been calling me.  Yesterday, as I played volleyball, I was lamenting my inability in sports and felt like throwing something. (pun intended)  No matter how many times I mess up on the wheel, it is still so rewarding.
I was in Hobby Lobby today and picked up some inspiration:

Wouldn't it be so classic to do something like this in under glazes?  I think this effect could be accomplished by applying a base coat of white under glaze, and then carefully painting a design in blue (for a classic look) or another color such as lime green (for a chick look).

Then I saw this vase and was interested in the texture.  I think they must have used wax resist on some of the raised areas.  I love the distressed look, and I want to try it sometime.

Two other surface techniques I can’t wait to experiment with is slip trailing [using a brush or a syringe to apply slip in intricate designs] and Sgraffito [scratching through one under engobe to reveal the layer beneath].  I only read about them in my ceramics class, but now I’m thinking of all the possibilities they open up.

This is a pitcher I found on Pintrest, and I wondered if I could do that--or something similar--with slip trails.

Sgraffito is an ancient technique, but I think it can have a modern look too.


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