More About My Grandparents

I realized that about three pages of grandpa's first letter somehow got deleted.  If you have already read it and wondered about the odd sequence, it is worth it to go back and read the part I added (pages 8-10).
As I read these letters, I started wondering a little more about some of the things not fully explained in the letters (e.g. their ages).  I'll share a short summary of what I learned.

This is how I remember them, but it is fun to imagine what they were like at my age.
From their obituaries, I learned that Thomas Vada McMilliam (Mc) was born in 1923, and Carrie Elizabeth Wyatt was born in 1919.  This made great grandpa twenty and great grandma twenty-four at the year of their first letters.  My dad said that grandma had started preaching at age eighteen, and my mother agreed that it was not uncommon back then.  Also, as alluded to in grandma's letter, her parents were not together.  I believe her mother left when she was still very young.  Grandpa met grandma at a meeting (I suppose the one that both mentioned in their letters) and apparently he wasted no time in asking her to marry him.  Thus, the letters began.

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