Hello Summer

Hello summer.  You’ve changed so much since the years we used to play together as children!

Hello lake.  Long time, no see.

Hello new camera.  You help me live life a little more creatively.  (I’ll be posting some pictures Friday)

Hello garden.  Maybe I don’t mind working outside so much—as long as I have a sister or two.

Hello peaches.  You just wait in the freezer.  Don’t worry, I’ll visit regularly.

Hello big black bug.  You thought it would be funny to see how long you could stay on me.  I did not think it was funny when I finally found you over an hour later.  We are not on speaking terms.  Goodbye!

Hello hot weather.  Chill.

Hello friend in Louisiana.  I miss you, and your letter has not come yet.

Hello reader.  Have a wonderful summer.

Hello laughter.  You are such a wonderful thing, especially when shared with sisters.

Closing thought:  I have lots of thoughts right now, but figuring out how to share them on a blog is hard.  One thing I have been thinking about, however--for a month or two actually--is about normality.  There are so many things that make us different from each other.  Some of the experiences or situations that make my life abnormal, I love.  Some of them I hate.  Whatever the case, they are there, and they have shaped me.  Also, when considering some of the situations my friends have to live with, I have thought how different their life is from everyone else.  In truth, though, everyone's life is different.  For example, I never got to know my paternal grandpa.  You might have both grandpa’s, but maybe you have an illness you have endured for years.  It’s almost impossible to compare our differences because they are so—different.  No one is “normal”.  It is so wonderful how God uses our different backgrounds to shape each one, and then he can use that unique individual in unique ways.



  1. Hello 'Hello Post'. I enjoy reading you.

  2. You never fail to make me laugh, really laugh, with your "hello" entries. And I agree with what you said about being normal. My husband has had illness for most of our married life, but I'd take his sweetness over a "normal" strong man, who was unkind, any day. "He Whose heart is kind beyond all measure gives unto each day what He deems best, lovingly, its part of pain and pleasure, mingling toil with peace and rest."

    1. Thank you! I didn't know somebody besides me liked them. :)
      And that's exactly the type of thing I had in mind while thinking about being normal. I couldn't imagine being in your situation, but if I think about it, I deal with some things that you haven't experienced exactly. There is also a positive side though. Not everyone is blessed exactly like I am blessed. Not everyone has both parents at home, lives in a good congregation with lots of supportive young people around, has two sisters, etc.

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