How Do You Learn?

As you can see, I finally created a header for my blog to replace the boring text that has graced the top of my blog since it was born in September.  I made it completely from scratch today, and really enjoyed it.  However, it's not perfect.  I'm still not very acquainted with Photoshop and it is so much different from Illustrator in so many small ways that I end up making mistakes (such as pasting instead of placing).  I suppose, then, I have learn from my mistakes.  I always learn a lot more by just getting in a doing something.
How do you learn?  Have you done anything recently to stretch your knowledge and abilities?


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  1. I learn from others...  So I never make mistakes.... Haha... No, really.... I DO learn from others a lot because I research, research, research!!!!  And then, I delve into the challenge and use my best guesses and make mistakes and learn from those for the next time.