Satisfied Where Ever God Leads

Neosho, Mo
Sept. 10, 1943
Dear Mac,
   Received your good letter yesterday, and was glad to hear from you again. And was also glad to know you were still encouraged in your soul.  I don’t know of any better news you could give, for victory is the best thing this side of Heaven.  Some people might be able to report of some earthly gain or honor, but that is nothing to be compared to being able to report victory over sin.  That is something that brings Gods favor on us And I would rather know that the Lord is satisfied with my life than anything else, for that is what is going to be proved in the day of judgment.  The favor of the world can’t help us any then.
   We have been having some cool weather here too, the past few days.  It also reminds me of the days we were at Langdon.  I don’t believe we can ever forget those good days.  The meetings were so precious to my soul.  And also those good talks I had with you leave pleasant memories in my mind.
  Anna and Frank plan to leave for Georgia about the 27th of this month.  I guess you remember  Anna.  Frank’s home was in Georgia before they were married.  So now he wants to go back there to live.  He is giving up a real good job here, but I guess he must be home-sick. We sure hate to see them leave.  Anna seems almost like a sister to me.
   There won’t be very many young people left here when the leave.  Only one other girl and I, that go to meeting regular.  It is quite a lot different than it is at Guthrie I guess, for there are so many young people there.  But I don’t hardly notice it that there aren’t many here.  The saints are all so dear to me.
   I believe you said you had never heard Bro. Strech preach.  He is one that I sure have a lot of confidence in, and I love to hear him preach.  He brings out such deep thoughts.  And he is very encouraging to young people.
   Mac I feel the same as you said in your letter.  I’m glad the Lord saved me in my youth.  I can see in so many ways how that young saints have opportunities of doing more for the Lord.  In some ways they can have more influence that older ones, because people seem to give more attention to them.  But anyhow it is so important for people to spend their time and talents for the Lord’s service, and so if we start while we are young we can give more time for Him, if He permits us to live until we are older in years, we can then be thankful that we spent the most of our life for God, instead of for ourselves.  I am glad the Lord burdened us, and helped us to see the need of trying to help souls who are in need.  I find that it is a life of self-denial, but it is also the happiest and most unselfish life.  A person can’t know what a pleasure it is to live for others until they try it. When I first started working for the Lord, He blessed me so much for it that it put a greater desire in my heart to do more for Him.   And not only for that reason, but the more I did for Him the more I see the need of doing more, and felt a greater burden of letting the Lord use me in the ways He saw best.  I feel the way Bro. Strech said Sun.  He said it took all of his time keeping saved.—That was saying a whole lot in a few words.  He meant that in order to keep saved he had to obey the Lord and spend his time in the way He wanted him to.
   Well Mac, I guess it does seem rather strange to you the way things have worked out this summer about you going to Ala.  The Lord lets things happen sometimes that we can’t understand, but I guess that keeps us trusting more.  I’ll admit that it does all seem queer, but Mac as long as you are doing your best to follow the leadings of the Lord, that’s all you can do.  Sometimes we have to just wait on Him.  But I will confess that it isn’t very easy to do many times.  Yet if we content ourselves to wait until He sees best to change things, then in the end we can see how much better it was for us to submit to His will.  Really, I have found that it is hard to just wait when we are burdened or anxious about a thing.  But even though we can’t understand why sometimes, if that’s what God wants, it pays to just stand still until He says move.  I think I know about how you feel, but if the Lord continues to let you wait a while yet, just keep it fixed in your heart to be ready to go, or ready to stay.  It could be that maybe He has something to learn that you might not be able to learn otherwise.  We don’t always know what is in the mind of God.
   I remember last winter, I felt so burdened to do more for the Lord, and wanted to be where I could spend more time for Him.  In other words, I felt that since there were several ministers here that surely it would be more profitable for me to be somewhere where there wasn’t so many. –Not that I was tired of Neosho or the saints here, for this is a dear place to me, and seems so home-like.  But I just wanted to be able to do more for God.  But as time went on, He didn’t lead me to go anywhere else, --except to Tulsa a few times, so I decided that the only thing I could do was to keep my heart open to the Lord, and be ready to go if He said so, and then if He didn’t lead that way, I would know He had some use for me here yet.  So I made up my mind to do everything I could for Him while here, so there would be no time wasted, if He should call me to go somewhere else later.  And I have found plenty to do, that has been very helpful to me, and I feel that I have learned so many things that has helped me to be stronger.  After I made that decision, I feel satisfied, and believe He would help me to be satisfies anywhere He could use me best in His service.  I can’t see into the future to know how He will work things out for me, but I leave it all in His hands, for I know He will work it all out right.
   I don’t know what reason the Lord could have of working thing out for you, but I’m sure that He has some purpose in it for you, and no doubt you can see it later.
Mac I’m glad you explained some of your thoughts and plans about what you felt burdened to do.—About going to Ala. –etc. so I can understand better what it’s all about and what you have in your mind, so far.
   There are several things I would like to mention, and also ask you, but since you plan to come before long, I will wait and just talk with you instead of writing it.  I think I would enjoy that much better.
   Well I guess it is about time for me to close this. So I’ll say Goodbye.
   Always keep good courage, and may God bless you in all you do.
Your Sis. In Christ,
Carrie Wyatt
--Sunday evening—
   Mac I’m sorry I didn’t get this letter mailed sooner, but it rained all morning yesterday, so I couldn’t go and mail it, So I hope you will understand, for I really wanted to send it on to you.
   We had another good meeting this morning.  And then a big crowd here for dinner.  Tomorrow is Grandma’s 86th birthday, so we had a surprise dinner for her.  My Aunt had wrote to several of our relatives, so they were here when we got home from meeting.  She sure was surprised.  There were about 32 here.
   Well I must hurry, so I will close.
Yours as ever,

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