Perfect Timing

  This seems to have been the best year of my life, and this week was the cherry on top.  God has been so good in so many little and big ways.  For example, I suddenly decided I wanted to buy a camera NOW. :)  That’s kind of out of character for me, but I'm so glad I did this time.  I had been praying about going to a meeting this summer, and it seemed like it wouldn't be working out for me to go.  Then Friday (the day I was to get my camera by FedEx) daddy woke me up saying that I had a ride to the WV meeting if I want to go.  My sister and I left 4-5 hours later, the camera still in the box.  I had worried about it all morning, and it came moments before we left.  In the meantime our ride to WV--my mom’s cousin and his wife—were waiting around at the house for their daughter-in-law to get back so she could tell them bye.  At least that was the story they told—I choose to believe that they were waiting for FedEx to arrive (though they knew nothing of me getting a camera).  Isn’t that amazing?  I feel so blessed and humbled by the goodness of God.
   Well, I came back from the meeting with a soul full of encouragement and challenge and a 4GB memory card full of memories and mountains.  I couldn’t wait to look at the pictures on my computer.  Last night, I finally got to look at them, but was given a rude reminder that my Adobe trials (what I use for editing) had run out.  I had no idea when they would be arriving in the mail—well guess what FedEx brought this morning?  Could a girl be any happier over such little blessings?
   Again, I want to thank the Lord for the gifts he seems to be showering on me.  I think he’s trying to tell me to trust his timing.  I know that no matter how long I wait for something, God really does have the perfect timing.


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