Hello clay.  I'm looking forward to lots of quality time together.
Hello rain.  We get along just fine.
Hello Canon camera.  You changed my life.  Really.
Hello art plans.  Everything is so exciting, yet so daunting.
Hello Bible.  You are the most beautiful of all earthly things.
Hello gold spray paint.  Let all things be afraid. :)
Hello Pintrest.  My cooking routine has been transformed.  All things come from Pintrest.
Hello spices.  You are so pretty.
Hello mornings.  I will conquer.
Hello pretty tape (aka: Japanese Washi Tape).  You are magical.
Japanese Washi Tape



  1. Love these. I consider it poetry.... :) I guess it really is just lists.... But, I think a lot can be communicated through lists, so that's why I'm calling it poetry. A lot of my journal writing (although sparse) is in list/poetry form. Love it. :))

  2. thanks :) I was especially in love with lists when I was in high school. I even made a list of list topics (such as "what inspires you?" "what scares you?" "what acts of kindness can you do for others") I have 37 topics on this particular list. hmmm. Maybe I should post some of them sometime.
    Oh, and I suppose since this list is built on the poetic device of repetition, it could technically count as poetry (given that it was composed to say a lot in a few words.) I love poetry, but I never thought I was very good at composing. I should try my hand at it again. (ahhh! there are so many things I love to do!)

  3. :) Yes, keep composing & keep doing art. :) And keep trying to find time to do everything you love to do....... that's the hard part.