I Understand

Neosho, Mo.
Sept. 20, 1943
Dear Mac,
   Greetings to you in the name of One who has loved us, and gave us a lively hope, that we shall have eternal life. I am glad for that hope tonight.  We have a reason to be the happiest people in the world, for no others have that hope that we have in our souls, And as we get nearer the Lord & learn more of the secrets of His will, our hopes become brighter.  As one scripture says, “The path of the just is as a shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”  Truly we have so much to be thankful for.  I doubt if we can even know how to appreciate salvation as much as we should.  But as we go thro’ the fiery trials that come our way, & then see how wonderfully the Lord delivers us from them all, then we know a little better how to appreciate the Lord.  At least I have found it that way.  In my greatest sufferings, the Lord would come to my rescue when He saw I needed Him most, then I really felt like I had advanced a little more.
   Well I received a very nice and encouraging letter today, from someone I was expecting one from, and I must say I was very glad to get it.  Your letters are always encouraging and helpful to me.  I can easily tell that you are sincere, and that you want the Lord’s will to be done, above everything.  And that causes me to have greater confidence in you.
   I am at last, sending you a picture.  Whether it’s very good or not, maybe you can at least know who it is.  It is better than I had expected it to be, for those kind of pictures are not often very good.  I could have sent it the last time I wrote, but (you guessed it right) I thought you might come in a while & I would give it to you.  I intended to tell you, but forgot that.  So I guess I’m pretty forgetful.  But here it comes now.
   We have been canning apples today.  We didn’t get them all done.  I went home with Wanda Hagne (the other young sister besides myself).  She is a fine girl, & is very spiritual. I always enjoy being with her.  I think it is so helpful to associate with those who are interested in the things of God.  We can talk of His goodness, & it makes the presence of the Lord seem nearer.
   Ellen and Elizabeth Glass came back to Neosho last Thursday.  I don’t know if you remember them or not.  They were at the Monark Campmeeting. They are single girls.  Now that they are here, it will add more to our numbers.
   Oh yes, I heard a compliment on you last week.  When Mother & Shirley (my sister) were here, Shirley asked me if I had any pictures of you, & she & Mother wanted to see it.  Mother said that you had a good appearance & that you looked like a nice boy.  So I was glad to hear that, rather than for her to find fault with you.  Of course I already knew what she said was true, but I am glad she thinks so too.
   Mac, you don’t need to feel that it bothers me because you are undecided yet about what the Lord would have you to do in every way.  I understand how you feel.  I can only say that I am glad you are willing to wait on God & let Him have His way.  No doubt but that it is a cross to you, but Mac I say, keep holding on to the Lord until you know His will.  So long as you keep that decision in your heart, you won’t be going astray and wonder what is wrong.  When a person gets out of the order of the Lord, they always get into trouble.  But those who let Him lead them, they never have anything to regret.  We can see many examples of people  meeting with problems, & making their own decisions, & then later on we can hear them say they regret doing the way they did, & wishing they had of did some other way.  But when we are careful to follow the leadings of the Lord, we always find out He has led us right, & we are glad for it.  And I’m glad you have that kind of decision.  Otherwise you would be in danger of doing the wrong thing.
   And you also said that it might look like a small thing to want the leadings of the Lord about when to come up here.  But I fully agree with you that we need the Lord to uphold us wherever we are, & whatever we are.  So you don’t need to think that it bathers me in the least, because things are not clear to you yet.  (It only has the opposite effect on me.  It makes me think more of you,& have more confidence in you.)
   I know it isn’t a pleasant feeling to not know definitely what the Lord’s will is when we have problems to solve.  So I know it hasn’t been pleasant for you. But just keep trusting.  I don’t worry at all, but what the Lord is going to work it all out for you in His own time.  Maybe He is just letting you be tested out to see if you will keep your decision to trust Him.  So don’t ever let any discouraging thoughts dwell on your mind.  Sometimes the enemy tries to take advantage of us when we are perplexed, & will try to make it appear that it is impossible to find out what we should do.  So if he should try that on you, just don’t listen to it.
   Mac, it is alright that you told me how you felt concerning you & I.  I understand how you meant it.  Since you felt the way you did, it was alright for you to tell me, so I could have time to think & pray about it.  Some people (if they knew it) might think it was rather sudden, but so long as me & the Lord understands that is all that matters.   As you and I are the only ones it concerns, except the Lord.  So long as we keep in His order, that is enough.
   You asked if I have had any more leadings concerning the matter. I hardly know just what to tell you.  But I don’t know definitely yet, what the final answer will be.  But I will say this, that if you have felt clear so far, about the past happenings.  And I’m sure the Lord can help us to know His will concerning the future.  And however He chooses to work it out for us, I’ll be satisfied.
   Well I must be closing for this time.  Keep your faith and trust in Jesus, and He will never fail you.
I’ll say goodbye for now.
As ever,
Carrie Wyatt

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