Photography Friday (sort of)

I don't have very many pictures this week (besides the ones I posted yesterday and some specific ones that I'm saving for a later post that I'm working on.  That said, here is what I did today.

I made bread sticks without a bread machine.  {and they were yummy}
I used a recipe from the blog The Country Cook.
bread sticks

in the oven

And I drew sketches of my carousel music box (from this post).  This is a continuous line drawing (everything is connected).  Continuous line drawings are fun, and they really exercise your eye because it's harder to do proportions (notice do not notice the belly). lol  oh well, I didn't allow myself to erase anything. This, along with some other drawings and illustrator projects will be featured in the a fore mentioned post-to-come.
continuous line horse

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. You should make them again sometime. :)

    1. I almost wanted to yesterday, but I knew I had other things that I needed to do.