Photography Friday

Passion Flower
I found this flower growing wild at church.  I had never seen it before, but apparently it is a passion flower.

twigs and stuff
Yes, I have a little collection on my desk. :)

oragano, pepper, basil, garlic powder
Greek food! Greek food! :)

spices, garlic, lemon
I made Greek gyros with homemade beef gyro meat, then a Greek salad dressing for a "house salad."
Here's the recipes (except I messed up on the dressing and put lemon and vinegar in it--very strong!)

green bean bloom
I love our little garden (as you can tell by how frequently I take pictures of it.)


corn and sunflowers


I'm looking forward to enjoying my Labor Day Weekend.  I hope you all do too!



  1. Ohhhhh... that Greek food was delicious! It was funny to me that I was JUST craving Greek the day before & you made it without knowing anything about that... :))

    Plus I like every single picture in this post... especially the seasonings with the garlic. :)