Photography Friday

Wednesday, I was trying to eat my lunch outside on campus, but they were blaring this music (I hate welcome week--just call me the Grinch of welcome week).  Needless to say, I packed back up my sandwich and avocado (I love avocados!), my camera, and the 500 Bowls book my instructor had loaned me and headed to a park.  There's a wooded park just five miles from campus, and that's where I escaped.

{click to enlarge}
lovely tree

Even though I said I hate welcome week, I do like the first week of classes.  My favorite part about it is getting to set back in my seat and pay attention to the first impressions people make.  Although I'm not in very many classes this semester, I did get to meet two new instructors (they are quite the opposite of each other), two ready-to-make-good-impressions women (also quite opposite of each other), and a creepy staring guy. I love first impressions!

moth and weeds

yellow glow
For some reason, as I sat on my root, eating my sandwich, I found the glow under this leaf very attractive.  Don't you wish you were about half a cm tall so that you could curl up with a book under that lovely yellow shade?

left over chalk
Look what I found on the trail.  It brought back not-too-long-ago memories of friends and summer.

red weed

birds in a tree
Are these mourning doves?  They are so cute.  They were interacting a lot more, but by the time I got dropped all my bags and books on the sidewalk and got my camera out, they were more interested in "that strange girl down there" so I didn't get any pictures of them beak-to-beak.

two little birds

out to eat
My family went out to eat...and I had to choose what to eat.  I hate ordering.  I just want to eat.

homemade card
And here's a little card I made.  It's fun to make such little, simple pieces of art to send away in snail mail.  Maybe I can make a set today.

And here's a few more from earlier this week:
cucumber avocado spring rolls
My sister, MarLeah, helped me make these for supper one night.  Yummy.

Isn't it wonderful that no matter where you go, there will be a sky?  The sky is such a wonderful thing.


P.S. When I say "click to enlarge" that means that if you are on my actual blog (and not hiding in Google reader or some other feed service) you can click on any picture and a slideshow type thing will come up.  Anywhere else, it will probably just show that one picture on a boring white background distastefully aligned to the top left corner.


  1. Your food looks so good!!! Maybe I could get the recipe? I love avocados too--they are my favorite. And I like the picture with the chalk.
    Hope your classes and teachers end up being great.
    Stay encouraged!

    1. thanks :) here's where I got the recipe:http://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe/cucumber-and-avocado-summer-rolls-with-mustard-soy-sauce.html
      miss you being here :(

  2. The food was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like fresh veggie dishes & this one is def. one I want to eat more than once a year!!! Lol..... Yummy! I was gobbling it up that night after work.... Literally! They were laughing at me begging for more veggies! Haha... It was kind of funny.

  3. Haha... Alyssa... You need to find someone who knows you as well (I mean better) as I do, so they can pick your food automatically & you don't even have to look at the menu. ;) You're welcome, by the way..... Assuming my choice was an ok one! Lol

  4. I lee forgetting what I'm going to post......... Lol..... I love, love, love that golden shadow.

    That's all.

    1. haha, I'm glad you liked the wraps.:) But I'm not sure if they were really good or if you were just really hungry. it was pretty funny. And that would be awesome to have a food-picker :) Then I could eat out stress-free. lol golden shadow, eh? Or yellow glow, either one. (golden sounds better) btw thanks for the comment bomb. It was "a little bright spot" in my evening. lol