Just Alone

black eyed susans

I totally indulged myself yesterday.  I went to a park and forgot about time.  I brought my journal, but I have found that when I come here, I end up thinking more and writing less.  There are some places that seem to encourage one to get lost in thought.  When the birds are singing, the bugs are sounding, and the breeze sweeps through the rustling leaves, it doesn’t take long for the peaceful surroundings to take its effect.  What did I think about?  There was probably not a subject untouched as I watched the wind and the sun play a shadow show through the leaves.

Hmmm...I'm not a videographer, but I couldn't help wanting to capture my surroundings.  Actually, good videography amazes me, and I love watching a creatively captured video such as The Piano Guys and Tim Porter.

The Park from Alyssa on Vimeo.

Stay refreshed and inspired.



  1. No fair.... I hate being sick! But even if I wasn't sick, I wouldn't have been able to go to the park.... So "no fair" again, :) You got some good pictures.... Just looking at them helped relax me (open house tonight!!!!!!Aahhhhh!!!!!)

  2. Yeah, I'm sorry you were sick (but I'm glad it wasn't what I had or I would feel bad for passing it along). I hope you are pleasantly surprise with how nice open house goes. (or is preparing the worst of it?)

  3. Love the Bible animation!!

  4. Thanks Heidi :) I kept on grabbing for my camera when the wind blew, but I always missed it. Finally, it blew and blew, and I snapped and snapped (way too many lol).