Here I am again real quick to share some collage templates I made last week.  I intended to put them on my last post, but I forgot.  I created a collage template in Ps so that I can put differnt pictures in the same layout.  A lot of photography bloggers use these (normally they are a little more simple) to add interest and design, but save time.  I just had fun making these, but I think I should make some simple ones up to use in my blogging.  I used a texture from Shadowhouse Creations, a map image that I had pinned earlier, some digital tape that I created about a month or two ago.  Then I made the frames, tag, and text background.
I'm not sure how many Ps users read my blog, so I won't get all technical with how I created it, but it was a great learning experience for me. :)

 I feel like when I am aware of the tiny details (or the big ones such as sunsets) then life is a little more adventurous.  My sister agrees. :)

I'm so glad, God worked it out so perfectly for me to go to WV over the summer.

This is me again, back on Jan. 31, 2013. I said earlier that I would not get technical on this post, but I have decided to document my method anyway:
1. I layered images and textures to make my background.
2. I created a tag in Illustrator. (adding color and texture in Ps with clipping masks*)
3. Then I made rounded rectangles for my photo frames. (again, adding color and texture in Ps with clipping masks)
4. Finally, to add the pictures, I drew more rectangles on top of the original rectangles and left them black. These are where my pictures will go.
5. I saved the Photoshop file, and I now have my own collage template to use later.
5. I imported the pictures on new layers, and "clipped" them to the black squares with the clipping mask feature.
And that's it!

*clipping masks: the layer above is "clipped" to the layer below. This is as simple as holding down the Alt key and clicking in between the two layers you want to clip (you should see a box with an arrow when you hover between the two layers.) For example, my picture was right above the shape layer with the black box. Then all I had to do is Alt+click in between the two layers. I still have the freedom to scale and move the picture around until I like how it looks. So fun!


  1. No comments? huh?

    I REALLY like this post. :)

    I recognize the top WV picture from somewhere.... the one with the tape on it... ;)

    1. Thanks Marty. Yes,you probably would recognize it. It's near the Rockafeller's. It was such a pretty view. (Ranelle probably would have commented, but she already had on FB.)